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Brits spend 11 hours 48 minutes per day staring at a screen!


New research out today reveals that Brits now spend more time per day staring at screens (11.8 hours) than sleeping (7.3 hours), due to the explosive growth of tablet computers, smartphones and e-readers.
In the esure home insurance ‘Square Eyes’ poll, 61 per cent of the participants reported withdrawal symptoms if they cut down on their screen use or did not have access to one of their screens.  Frustration was the most common symptom reported (36 per cent), followed by restlessness (26 per cent) and feelings of isolation (17 per cent).
The average Brit spends three hours per day watching TV, 4.7 hours in front of computers and 1.2 hours looking at their phones.  More than two thirds (69 per cent) of Brits say that they regularly ‘multi-screen’ by using more than one piece of technology at the same time, such as using their phone while watching television.


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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Arc Android update rolling out


Android 2.3.3 has started to roll out on the Xperia arc and PLAY. The update brings a number of improvements and fixes, as well as Sony Ericsson’s ‘Facebook Inside Xperia’.

Optimizations and fixes include:

  • Battery performance
  • General software stability
  • Wi-Fi stability
  • HD Video recording performance (Xperia arc)
  • Touch responsiveness

Full details on this update and how it is being rolled out are available on the Sony Ericsson product blog:


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The giant Vodafone truck that can charge 2000 handsets at one time


If you’ve been to a festival or large open-air event, you will know that keeping your mobile phone charged can be a potential nightmare.

Solutions have come in the form of independent companies setting up camps and charging festival-goers to power their smartphones so that they could remain contactable and use them to snap photos of their favourite bands.

However, one truck looks set to change all that.

The Vodafone VIP recharging truck is heading to 11 festivals this year, offering Vodafone customers with the opportunity to charge their mobile devices, completely free of charge. The 44 tonne vehicle can charge 2,000 devices at any one time (as quickly as it would at home) and is expected to charge over 72,000 mobile devices this summer alone.

If you’re a Vodafone customer at a festival and you own an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Nokia device, this is what you need to look out for. For more information about the events it will be available at visit

Pretty cool. You can see a few more photos below:

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Samsung Wave 2 Review

Wave2-mainThis is quite a rarity these days, a Samsung phone that doesn’t have the Galaxy brand name. The Samsung Wave 2 is the successor to the relatively popular Wave from last year. It has a few really nice improvements that are evident from the off, all of which you will discover as you progress through the review.

James reviewed the original Samsung Wave last year and it got a pretty good review, especially for a new OS. The Wave 2 has lost the AMOLED screen that its predecessor had I am afraid but I wont let dampen my thoughts.

So will the Wave 2 be a worthy entry into the mass smartphone market? Or will it just be another entry that gets left behind?

Read on to find out.


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