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Windows Phone 7 Preview Event

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If you currently use Windows Phone 7 or are looking to get one in the near future we should have some interesting news on Tuesday.

Microsoft have invited us to a VIP preview event in London on May 24th. But what are they going to preview you are probably asking yourselves.

Well we don’t know what they are going to show us so it is guessing time. Personally I think it can only be one of two things. The first being a preview of the new features and improvements in the forthcoming Mango update. Or secondly some new phones although I would put my money on option one.

Anyway, we will have the news for you after the event so keep your eyes peeled.


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AR.Race – A customisable individual or multi-player race for the AR.Drone


AR.Race is a race game, downloadable for free on the App Store that allows  1-4 pilots challenge each other on the same circuit. Inflatable items, 2 pylons with a finishing line and a donut, are also available to add spice to the race.

After activating the Bluetooth of the iDevice, each player has to connect via wi-fi to the AR.Drone and launch the AR.Race application. Once the number of pilots is decided, five game levels are available, with or without the use of the inflatable items.

Additional Information: players can choose to activate a piloting assistance option enabling the AR.Drone make high speed turns.

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