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HTC Desire HD and Incredible S getting Gingerbread now


We mentioned earlier about the Samsung Galaxy S getting a Gingerbread update later this month. Good news also for HTC owners. If you are lucky enough to own an unbranded HTC Desire HD or Incredible S you will be pleased to know that the 2.3 Gingerbread update is happening now in the UK.

If you have not yet had a notification then jump into your settings and go to System Software Updates to manually check for the update.

My HTC Incredible S is updating as I write this.


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Samsung Galaxy S to get Gingerbread in the UK


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in Android mobile devices, today announced the availability of upgrades to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) beginning with the Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung is currently working on Gingerbread software upgrades for Galaxy Tab as well as other members of the Samsung Galaxy family. The new Samsung Galaxy S II is already available on Gingerbread.

The Galaxy S is an intelligently designed smart device with a 1 GHz application processor, giving users an intuitive, immersive and integrated mobile experience. The upgrade from Froyo (2.2) to Gingerbread (2.3) will fine tune the smart device even further offering:

· Faster Performance – Multimedia content now has a lower CPU consumption rate, while support for more powerful 3D Graphics enables an enhanced mobile gaming experience

· Upgraded Usability – The user interface has been improved, enabling faster access and control and a more intuitive user experience. Users will also benefit from improved copy-and-paste functionality

The upgrade path will begin with Galaxy S in the UK from late May. The availability of the software upgrade will be dependent upon each network’s own software approvals process.  The upgrade will be available via Kies, Samsung’s device management software. Kies can be downloaded from Samsung’s corporate website (


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Nokia ditch the Ovi brand


Yep, it looks like big change is happening in the Nokia camp. The Finnish company have decided to replace the brand Ovi with Nokia Services instead.

Nokia’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Jerri DeVard explains the shift:
“We have made the decision to change our service branding from Ovi to Nokia. By centralizing our services identity under one brand, not two, we will reinforce the powerful master brand of Nokia and unify our brand architecture – while continuing to deliver compelling opportunities and experiences for partners and consumers alike.”

“The reasons for this decision includes the fact that Nokia is a well-known and highly-loved brand the world over. Our mobile experiences are tightly integrated with our devices – there is no longer a differentiation. For example, if consumers want the best mobile navigation experience, they know it’s a Nokia that they can rely on. These last few years, and moving forward, our mission remains unchanged: we will continue our work to deliver compelling, unified mobile service offerings and next-generation, disruptive technologies.”

Nokia plan to start the transition in July this year with a view to re branding to be complete by the end of 2012.


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Extended batteries from Mugen Power


With Smartphones becoming more and more advanced we are still let down by one piece of technology and that is batteries. Some devices are better than others but getting through a full day seems to be an issue with some handsets with Android being the most problematic these days.

There is a solution though and that is purchasing an extended battery. The guys at Mugen Power were kind enough to send me over a couple of batteries to put through there paces.

First off was a battery for the HTC Incredible S. Mugen offer two different batteries for the Incredible S. First is a 3600mAp battery which comes with a new battery cover as the battery is clearly bigger than the stock one. The second, and the one I had , was the 1800 mAp extended battery which has the same dimensions as the stock battery and therefore does not require a new battery cover. The stock battery that comes with the HTC Incredible S is 1450 mAh so if you are struggling to get through the day it may be a good option to get this one as it will give you an extra 350 mAp but without any extra bulk.

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