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Why I JailBreak My iDevice

cydia There are numerous reasons why I JailBreak my iDevice, but the first thing people say is ‘oh you just want free apps’. Whilst this is achievable when your iDevice has been JailBroken, its not the reason I do, but I’ll go on to that shortly.

I’ve been JailBreaking my iDevices for a few years and with every new iPhone or OS Update, the first thing I do is ensure there is a JailBreak method.

Even with the latest iOS Update 4.3.3 released this week, the JailBreak tools were available to download in a matter of days.

JailBreaking your iDevice is different from unlocking your iDevice. In short, JailBreaking allows you to install applications and system modifications Apple do not want you to use. Unlocking your iPhone allows you to use a SIM Card and Network of your choice, even if the iPhone is locked to a specific network. For me, all of my iDevices have been officially unlocked so this is not an area of ‘iDevice Hacking’ I have looked in to.


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LG Optimus Black unboxing video

OptimusBlack-Main Yesterday a large box arrived here in the office, wasn’t sure what it was as all I was expecting was the LG Optimus Black. Turns out that the huge box did indeed contain the Optimus Black (P970) and that it was in a really cool presentation pack. It’s been a while since we saw anything quite like it.

The Optimus Black was announced back in January and is expected to go on sale sometime in May here in the UK.

There are two main draws for the Optimus Black. First of all LG are claiming the prize for the worlds thinnest smartphone. At just 9.2mm there’s no denying that it’s slim but as for being the thinnest there’s a bit of contention between LG and Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S2 may indeed be thinner across parts of the body but the Optimus Black is a consistent 9.2mm across the whole handset.

Secondly LG have fitted a NOVA LCD display in the Black. In essence this is a super-bright and energy efficient display technology offering 700 nits of brightness across the 4″ 480 x 800 display whilst consuming as much as 50% less power than competitors screens.

Check out the video and the full specification below to see it in action. Note that this is a PR model straight from LG and not the retail unit. My demo handset has a faulty loudspeaker that pops and crackles periodically, don’t take too much notice. We’ll have a review for you soon.


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