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Pay your taxi fare via your mobile

vodafone-logo This month sees the launch of a clever new initiative from mobile giants, Vodafone.

The networks customers are able to add their taxi fares to their phone bill thanks to a special fleet from Vodafone. The companies branded black cabs are offering customers the option to pay via their mobile phones putting a stop to stopping at cash points and paying by cash.

Not only that, but the 500 modified taxis will be fitted with mobile phone chargers to give your handset a free boost on the ride home.

Genius. Great for both the company and customer.

Vodafone customers will simply text the taxi’s licence number and individual code to have the fare added to their monthly mobile phone bill.


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BlackBerry Bridge demo on the PlayBook

blackberry-playbook 7

Chances are that if you are looking to get a BlackBerry PlayBook you already use a BlackBerry Smartphone. So one of the key features will be the Bridge application that allows you to use email, BBM, calendar etc on the PlayBook.

As you will see in the video below the two devices work seamlessly together and instantly mimic one another. From a security perspective the Bridge is great as once the connection between the PlayBook and the BlackBerry Smartphone is broken all your messages etc are removed from the tablet making it secure if it falls into the wrong hands. 

You can see the video and full details on which features are covered within BlackBerry Bridge below:

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