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HTC Desire HD Review

HTC Desire HD ReviewThe HTC Desire HD is possibly the biggest and best Android Smartphone we have seen to date here in the UK. Some will say that the Samsung Galaxy is better. The Galaxy may have a nicer screen but the difference in build quality between the two devices is like chalk and cheese. The desire HD oozes solidness unlike its rival.

With an 4.3 inch screen the Desire HD is the natural progression on from the HD2 which ran Windows Mobile. We also have the HTC HD7 out now running Windows Phone 7 but with its lack of customisation I think the Desire HD could be number one.

As we have been swamped by Android devices in the last 18 months I will try to focus on the unique and best features of the Desire HD. Frankly, doing the same screen shots on every new Android phone is getting on my nerves. However we are about to endeavor exactly the same issue with WP7. I need a holiday!


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Best Buy opening online store today

BB Best Buy, the consumer electronic giant in the US, are following up their successful UK store launches with the opening of their online store. Currently, they have opened six jumbo stores, including a few that have opened within the last few weeks. For 2011, Best Buy are planning to open a further five stores across the UK if all goes well. In fact, they are planning to have a total of 80 (yes, eighty!) megastores over the next five years, and hopefully give DSGi and the like a well needed kick up the backside and start being more competitive.

Judging by their brick and mortar store openings, we can probably expect the new site to be littered with crazy deals and offerings so be sure to check it out!


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Vodafone launch BlackBerry on PAYG


At last Vodafone have caught up with the other UK networks and you can now get a BlackBerry from them on PAYG.

They currently have six devices to choose from and are amazingly are offering the BlackBerry Services for free until June 2011. Yes, you did read that right, free!

After that time the BIS will cost £5 which is on par with the other carriers.

You can see more information and the handsets available after the break.


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Bread, Milk, Eggs, Android Tablet – Asda selling 7” Tablet for £97 (but don’t get too excited)

elonex We all new that Android tablets would eventually become ubiqutous and much cheaper but we didn’t expect both, in one hit and quite so soon.  It seems that well known UK technology retailer er, Asda are now selling a 7″ Android based tablet for an eye-catching £97, the kind of price where it’s going to be an impulse buy.  So is it worth it?  Well.maybe not. 

The tablet in question is made by Elonex, one-time UK PC manufacturer and sponsor of Football bad-boys Wimbledon FC, now tech name for licence.  It’s known as the e-touch tablet and it comes with a resistive touchscreen, Android 1.6, 128mb RAM, 2GB Flash Memory, wireless B/G, MicroSD, and frankly not much else to get excited over.  The resistive screen and the low version of Android (with no promise of upgrade) doesn’t bode that well, plus without GPS/compass/3G radio it won’t come with access to the Android Market, limiting apps significantly initially.  It’s also for sale at that other home of technology, Toys R Us along with its 10″ brother (which apparently will have Android 2.1), and we’re going to see more from the likes of DSG retail and er, Next.

Source: Asda

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Flash Video Now On iOS


Good news folks! You can now watch flash video on an iOS device! And how I hear you ask, by using a brand new browser called Skyfire. As you can expect, Skyfire does not use Flash exactly, because if they did Steve Jobs would kick its ass straight out the door. The way it does it is quite clever, it converts Flash video to HTML5 on their backend so it can be played on iOS devices. Unfortunatly, Skyfire can’t play flash games.

Skyfire should be available on the App Store on Thursday after a wait of over a month for admission into Apple’s walled garden.

Check the demo video out below.


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Sony Ericsson VH410 Bluetooth Headset Review

Sony Ericsson VH410The Vodafone VH410 Bluetooth headset is manufactured by Sony Ericsson although branded as Vodafone. Part of Sony Ericssons Green Heart range the VH410 is made from recycled materials so if you are concerned about helping the environment then this may be a good choice of headset if you are in the market for one. In a world when anyone who drives needs to be hands free could the Vodafone VH410 be a cost effective solution?

Only one way to find out and that’s to read on.


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Nexus Two to arrive at Carphone Warehouse

Apparently Google is working on a new own-brand Android phone  and might be available this year, exclusively at The Carphone Warehouse.

While the Google Nexus One is currently available exclusively through a Vodafone, its successor will be released through one single retailer. An “industry source” said that, after experiencing issues with selling the Nexus One through its website, it wants to put the Nexus Two in an actual bricks and mortar shop.

Terrific news for the UK given the heavy import duty that was demanded when initially purchasing the Nexus One on release however in the hands of The Carphone Warehouse there is still a chance they might demand a kidney in exchange for the device.

It’s as yet unclear which manufacturer has been enlisted to built the Google Nexus Two, although Samsung seems to have been discounted for some reason. Little too is known about the phone’s specs and features, although Android Gingerbread seems the likely operating system.

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 now showing as coming soon to Orange

Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 13.37.41

With the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 imminent I have just noticed that the device now appears on the Orange website.

As we have said before the 9780 only offers a few additional features over the 9700 but I can see this new version getting me through the next twelve months or so.

Although I would imagine that all the UK carriers will sell the 9780 Orange have one added bonus and that is UMA.

If you don’t have very good coverage at home or at work the BlackBerry will use the internet to deliver all phone calls and data once you are connected to Wi-Fi.  A rather nice feature to have.

We will have a full review of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Full spec after the break:

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HTC 7 Mozart and Windows Phone 7 Review

HTC 7 Mozart and Windows Phone 7 ReviewThe HTC 7 Mozart is the smallest of HTCs Windows Phone 7 offerings here in the UK. It isn’t that small though – the 3.7 inch SLCD screen is more than capable of taking on most other devices in a stand off. Combined with its 1GHz processor, 8MP camera with Xenon flash and the brand new OS from Microsoft I think I am going to enjoy this review.

Exclusive to Orange the 7 Mozart is in stores now and awaiting your purchase. I hope the review will help you make your mind up whether to give Windows Phone 7 a try.


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Mount Everest has 3G

3475512-businessman-outdoors-on-snowy-mountain-using-cellular-phoneNcell, Nepal’s mobile operator, now has coverage up the famous mountain. The carrier has announced its first 3G base station on the the world’s tallest mountain, allowing users to make calls and connect to the internets from GSM enabled phones.

Up until now, mountaineers have had to resort to expensive satellite phones to make calls. Ncell is a joint venture between private investors and Sweden’s Telia Sonera, and currently cover one-third of Nepal. Ncell tested their latest base station by placing the world’s highest video call at 17,388 feet.

Telia Sonera’s CEO had the following to say: “This achievement is as mighty as the altitude, as 3G high speed internet will bring faster, more affordable telecommunication services to the people living in the Khumbu Valley, trekkers, and climbers alike.”

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