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Nag iPhone App Review

Photo-69If your like me, then you are very forgetful and need to be reminded to do the simplest of things. Like put out the cat in 10 minutes for instance, or to pick up milk when walking home or to remember to turn out the lights downstairs before you fall asleep playing Angry Birds.

And what’s the solution? Nag. An simple app from the iTunes app store for your iPhone and iPod Touch that has one very simple function. To nag you to do something after a certain period of time.

Read on for the full review…

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The official word from RIM re Kik Messenger


If you listen to our podcast you would have heard us talking about Kik messenger and how cool it was. Then about a week ago we learnt that RIM had pulled Kik from BlackBerry App World. To make things worse for existing Kik BlackBerry users RIM kindly disabled push which kind of spoils things a bit! It would seem now that they have have released an official statement as to why:


RIM became aware of a number of issues and customer concerns regarding the Kik app and service. Following discussions with Kik, the app was removed from BlackBerry App World on November 12. Upon further investigation, RIM concluded that Kik had breached contractual obligations. Based on the broad scope and seriousness of the issues and concerns, RIM terminated its agreements with Kik and withdrew RIM’s support for Kik’s service.

Lets hope that Kik sort out the requirements for BlackBerry and re submit the app soon. I kind of miss it.


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 97: Americalandworld

Web banner This week Tracy and Matt return from Americaland with stories of adventure. The latest LG Optimus 7 has been reviewed, Sony Ericsson unleashes some stupendously original phones and updates. the Advent Vega turns some heads and Andy addresses some new problems with the networks.

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Regulars – Gareth, Matt, Tracy and Andy

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LG Optimus 7 Review

Optimus7-main The Optimus 7 is LG’s first and only new Windows Phone device currently available here in the UK. The full touch slate design doesn’t seem to be that different from the plethora of available touch phones, but it does hide a pretty punchy specification sheet – the 1GHz processor, WVGA screen and 5MP camera (albeit required by Microsoft) indicates that this is a phone that means business. However, all the WP7 handsets now and in the future will match or even better these specs, so have LG placed enough consideration in other design elements to keep up with the competition? Read on to find out!


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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 finally, really getting Éclair update


Believe it or not, it doesn’t say ‘delay’ in that title. After countless false starts, Xperia X10 owners are finally getting their first taste of Android 2.1. Despite 2.3 Gingerbread being just around the corner, Sony Ericsson has finally seen it fit to let 2.1 go on their X10s. Sim-free X10s, X10 minis and mini pros have just had their share; now O2 are rolling out theirs, and T-Mobile are prepping for a week. (now where have we heard that one before?!) If you still have one and have been living off donuts patiently waiting for over a year to get that promised update, you deserve a medal. Still, better than waiting for a white iPhone 4 I guess.


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Apple iOS updated


This one has been a long time coming. Plug in your iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches as iOS 4.2 is now available to download.

iPad owners will benefit the most from this update as it will at last give us multi-tasking, something that has sorely been missing up until now.

Now your iPad has more room for more apps. Move apps into folders with drag-and-drop simplicity to declutter your Home screens and keep your apps organized for fast access to your favorites.

AirPrint makes it simple to print email, photos, web pages, and documents right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. A few taps is all it takes to go from viewing it onscreen to holding a printed copy. There’s no software to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 unboxing video


The X8 is the latest in the Xperia range and is the X10’s little brother. Sporting a 3 inch touch screen the Xperia X8 does run Android but at the moment it is only version 1.6 which may influence sales figures to be honest. That said, the X8 does come with some pretty nice specs and it both looks and feels good in the hand.

Once again Sony Ericsson have included their own user interface. Is this a good thing? I think that comes down to personal preference but what I will say is that it makes for an easy user experience which non phone geeks will love. 

We will have a full review of the device coming soon but in the meantime you can enjoy the unboxing video below.

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 unboxing video – Retail Version


I’m sure you saw our first unboxing video of the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Well that one was just a review device which came in its own special box so now I have the retail version I thought i had better show you what you get with it as there are a few things different.

You can see the video after the break and if you are thinking of getting the BlackBerry 9780 you may want to check out our full review to see what we thought of it.

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Oxford PaperShow review

papershow pen

The Oxford PaperShow is the most unusual device I’ve ever tested. It’s a digital-analogue crossover, a bridge between papers and computer screens, a digital tablet that uses paper and a Bluetooth pen that uses ink cartridges… If your livelihood depends on presentations, you will want one. But maybe not just yet.


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Clingo Universal Vent Mount – Video


The vent mount from Clingo is a novel and unique new solution to car mounting. Featuring a reusable sticky pad the Clingo can be used to mount practically any smartphone, PDA or sat-nav device. The ball and socket joint provide 360 degree tilt viewing angles so you can find the perfect position to suit your driving style. Incredibly easy to install – the Clingo Vent Mount will just clip to practically any car air conditioning vent

The unique sticky pad provides the ability to securely fix a unit to the mount whilst allowing speedy removal – leaving absolutely no residue on the back of your device. The design means you can even keep your phone in its protective case, so unlike other model specific mounts you don’t have to take the case on and off every time you make a journey.

After the break you can see a quick demonstration of the Clingo vent mount in action. 

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