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Review: Palm Pre

  DSCN1214One phone that seems to have suffered almost every failing that could come to it is the Palm Pre. A phone we have been excited about playing with for an extended period since its first announcement. So what is our take on the Palm Pre, Precious or Preposterous.

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Vodafone and 3 offer best value for money for roaming in South Africa

world cup roaming

Consumer Focus calculated costs for an English mobile phone user in South Africa on a realistic match day scenario. The scenario used is as follows: Phoning home in the morning to speak to partner / kids – 5 mins, calling a friend in to arrange where to meet before the game – 3 mins, 6 texts during the game, a call home to bemoan a 4-3 loss or celebrate a Rooney hat trick – 7 mins, uploading 10 pictures to the On Tour with England blog site, calling to say goodnight to partner / kids – 2 mins.

3 £39.80
O2 £76.25 (contract) £79.77 (pre-pay)
Orange £107.65
T-Mobile £102.90
Tesco Mobile £97.53
Virgin Mobile £68.50 (contract) £81 (pre-pay)
Vodafone £30.69 (contract) £31.53 (pre-pay)

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Motorola announces the FLIPOUT

image008 I’m not sure what Motorola’s fascination with adding the Flip-name to recent devices but in a press release today (which you can see in full below) they came out to announce the Motorola FLIPOUT, their latest flippy handset to feature MOTOBLUR as seen on the Dext here in the UK and the Droid and Cliq in the US.

Motorola are sensibly sticking with Android for this new device and it will ship with 2.1.

It’s a rather unconventional looking design but does it remind anyone of a certain strange Nokia device that we see a few years ago?! I’m interested to see ho robust the mechanism will be on this new device.

Launch date is said to be Q2 of this year so that means sometime this month basically. We’ll obviously do our best to get our hands on one as soon as we can!


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BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 get priced at Vodafone

9105 Voda

I am hoping we will get to see the BlackBerry 9105 in the next week or so. Vodafone will have it for sure and it looks like the device will be free from £25 per month on a 24 month contract. Good news for the phone but not so good for the contract length.

The price of £25 per month is the same as you would expect to pay for a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and frankly I am not surprised. The 9105 has the same power as the 9700 just in a different form factor.

I have a sneaky suspicion this new BlackBerry is going to sell rather well.

Unboxing video and review will be here soon.

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Cut price roaming charges for the World Cup


The English FA has named its SIM provider for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to help cut mobile roaming charges during the tournament.

0044 Ltd will provide the FA with South African SIM card and data cards that allow free incoming calls and outgoing calls starting from 19p/min. This will save as much as 80 per cent on call costs, 0044 said.

The FA has a large team on the ground in South Africa in support of the England team’s efforts at the World Cup finals. 0044 said with a tournament as significant as the World Cup it’s vital that the FA’s management team is able to operate in South Africa in the same way they would as if it were a tournament based at Wembley.

0044’s Angus MacLeod said: “Over the years we’ve managed to help thousands of business and leisure travellers avoid roaming charges by providing a simple and easy to use local solutions.

“However, with big sporting events like the World Cup in South Africa it means that organisations like the FA require specialist equipment to help manage the administrative activities which are critical to the smooth running of the England team’s efforts at the 2010 World Cup finals. We’re proud to be associated with the FA and wish them and the England squad every success in the tournament.”

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Qualcomm to add dual-core power to HTC Mondrian?

mondrian We recently heard that Qualcomm had increased the clock speed of their Snapdragon CPU’s up to 1.2GHz and had started to manufacture a dual core version that we believe could find a home in the rumoured HTC Mondrian.

The Mondrian is certainly said to be a powerhouse and the Snapdragon should have the horsepower to run the 24bit WXGA 800×1280 screen, 1080p video playback and 3D graphics engine.

The only thing that slightly puts me off the Mondrian, in terms of what we are hearing so far, is that it’ll be a Windows Phone 7 device rather than Android. Personally I’ve already fallen out of love with WP7 and we’ve not even used it yet!

To put the Mondrian’s power in to a little perspective, Apple’s iPad has ‘only’ a 1GHz CPU as does the HTC Desire and while it’s not all about the clock speed I expect that the Mondrian with a Dual Core 1.2GHz Snapdragon will be the most powerful handheld. For a little while anyway!


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