By June 2, 2010

Qualcomm to add dual-core power to HTC Mondrian?

mondrian We recently heard that Qualcomm had increased the clock speed of their Snapdragon CPU’s up to 1.2GHz and had started to manufacture a dual core version that we believe could find a home in the rumoured HTC Mondrian.

The Mondrian is certainly said to be a powerhouse and the Snapdragon should have the horsepower to run the 24bit WXGA 800×1280 screen, 1080p video playback and 3D graphics engine.

The only thing that slightly puts me off the Mondrian, in terms of what we are hearing so far, is that it’ll be a Windows Phone 7 device rather than Android. Personally I’ve already fallen out of love with WP7 and we’ve not even used it yet!

To put the Mondrian’s power in to a little perspective, Apple’s iPad has ‘only’ a 1GHz CPU as does the HTC Desire and while it’s not all about the clock speed I expect that the Mondrian with a Dual Core 1.2GHz Snapdragon will be the most powerful handheld. For a little while anyway!


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