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Unusually high suicide rate linked to iPad


Tomorrow will see a lot of major news papers will be reporting on the working conditions surrounding the latest must have device, Apple’s iPad. With the pressure on to deliver a huge amount of devices to satisfy demand the Telegraph added the following earlier today:

In the lobby of Foxconn’s headquarters in Hong Kong, a group of around two dozen protestors laid mannequins to rest and conducted funeral rites. "We are staging the protest because of the high death rate [at Foxconn], with an abnormal number of workers committing suicide in the past five months," said Debby Chan, a spokesman for the Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour group.

The latest death comes just a day after Foxconn admitted that it had paid "insufficient attention" to the well-being of its workers and promised to hire over 2,000 therapists to offer counselling to its factory workers.

It’s a harsh reality for the larger corporations to realise the profit they expect, and at what cost? We will keep a close eye on the investigation.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini pre-order


The little phone that we think will be quite big is about to hit the market it appears after being pushed back time and time again. are taking pre-orders for the heavily modified but attractive Android handset on both Orange and Vodafone. The Pro version is available only to register interest in for the time being.

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Samsung team up with Vodafone once again

Samsung H2

Following on from last years launch of Vodafone’s own 360 OS, the Samsung I8330 will be the successor to the Samsung H1, aptly named the Vodafone 360 H2.

Device specs are rumored to be pretty good with a Super AMOLED touchscreen, 8MP camera with LED flash as well as full HD video recording. Powered by a 1Ghz processor the Vodafone 360 will sport all the usual high end features such as GPS, Bluetooth and HSDPA.

The word on the street is that the H2 should be in your local Vodafone store in June or July although we have no official word from Vodafone at this point.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original 360 H1. Not because of the hardware but I just couldn’t get over excited by the 360 software. Lets hope this one is more up my street.

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Acer neoTouch P300 review

P300-main For Acer, making itself a known brand in the mobile industry will be difficult task, as with any brand that’s new to the market. Acer already have a small portfolio of both Windows Mobile and Android smartphones available, but none have really been able to capture the media spotlight and secure carrier promotions and subsidies as well as phones from manufacturers more established in the mobile market.

However, their lack of brand image in the phone space doesn’t mean they can’t produce decent phones, so when I received the Acer neoTouch P300 for review, I was eager to see whether their new Windows Mobile powered smartphone can challenge its rivals from the likes of HTC and Samsung.

Read on to find out more…

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