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Android to be 450% faster with Froyo

image_thumb91Androidpolice have done a little detective work regarding the brenchmark speeds of the soon to be released 2.2 upgrade of the Android operating System. Over at their site they have detailed analysis of how and why they believe the operating system will be running at a massive 450% faster than the current version.

Guess we’ll all know next week when 2.2 hits on Nexus Ones worldwide. I wait with baited breath.

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Vodafone makes BES Express offer


Vodafone is now offering BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Express for £10 per month, and on trial for £5 per month for three months

Vodafone UK is offering BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Express to small and medium sized business customers from £10 per month.

Customers who sign up from May 17 for a three-month period can get BES Express from £5 a month.

BES Express works in with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Windows Small Business Server to synchronise email, calendar appointments, contacts, notes and other functions between company server and BlackBerry handset over-the-air.

Vodafone is also offering a managed support service for BES Express for an extra £2.50 a month – users will get set-up help and round-the-clock support certified BlackBerry and Microsoft specialists.

Vodafone UK enterprise marketing director Peter Boucher said: “It’s vital for all businesses to stay connected to customers wherever they are, either by voice or email. BES Express offers small and medium sized businesses the advantage of being able to do all this from their BlackBerry smartphone with the peace of mind of 24/7 help from Vodafone on the UK’s best network.”

The BES Express service is available on all Vodafone Business price plans.

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Clove have new HTC accessories


If you have a HTC Desire, Legend, HD mini or HD2 then check out the below accessories that Clove have. You had better hurry though as they are selling like hot cakes!

HTC Desire PO S520 Pouch Case – £12 + VAT – NOW IN STOCK

HTC Desire SP P360 Screen Protector – £7 + VAT – All sold – more stock due in 10 days. Backorder advised.

HTC Desire Alu-Leather Flip Case – £20 + VAT – All sold – more due next week. Backorder advised.

HTC Legend SP P340 Screen Protector – £7 + VAT  – NOW IN STOCK

HTC Legend Alu-Leather Flip Case – £20 + VAT – NOW IN STOCK

HTC HD mini SP P350 Screen Protector – £7+ VAT – NOW IN STOCK

HTC HD2 CU S400 Car Kit – £55 + VAT – All sold – more stock due next week. Backorder advised.

HTC HD2 BP E400 Battery – £35 + VAT – All sold more stock due next week. Backorder advised.

Stock is limited on many lines so we do advise acting quickly to avoid disappointment.

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Skype will be coming to Windows Phone


There’s a lot of speculation that Skype won’t be going down the portable Microsoft route in the near future. First off the original quote was that they are “not developing software for the new Windows Mobile software due later this year.” However, have a look at the update on Engadget:

Update: Looks like this quote might’ve been taken out of context. MobileTechWorld followed up and learned that while Dan Neary left out Windows Mobile and Windows Phone from a list of currently supported platforms (which makes sense, since one is dying and the other isn’t out yet), he said Windows Phone 7 "is on the roadmap." The question seems to be more of a "when" than an "if" they’ll start building it.

Sounds a little more positive, it seemed massively silly for Skype to not push out something on a platform that is guaranteed to sell a few units.

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