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UK to only get one of the new BlackBerry Pearl 3Gs

BB 9100 9105

Yes you did read the header correctly. I have been told today that the UK will only be getting the Blackberry Pearl 3G 9105.

That’s the one with the T9 keyboard. Why this decision has been made kind of baffles me but that’s the way it is. If RIM were only to supply one of them here in the UK then I do think they have made the right choice in terms of which of the ‘Pearls’ it is. I quite often speak with people who say they are so used to typing with there feature phone they couldn’t handle using a full QWERTY keyboard. So, in my opinion, the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 will enable those users to make the transition over to a BlackBerry without making the change complicated.

As the 9105 is packed with the same high end features as on other bigger BlackBerry devices, users are going to get a decent specced compact messaging device. It wouldn’t surprise me if all the major UK carriers picked this one up.


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Skyfire Launches the First Flash Video Enabled Mobile Browser for Android

The first ‘mobile browser for the Social Media generation’ eliminates
broken links from your Facebook stream, tracks Twitter buzz, and makes
sharing easy

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