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Android Market exceeds 50,000 titles

android-logo As if there was any doubt as to the continuing success and growing popularity of the Android platform details of just how many titles have now been approved for sale through Android market have been made available by app tracking site AndroLib.

AndroLib states that there are over 50,000 apps available for Android (50,304 as I type this) and that this number is increasing at an almost exponential rate. Compare this figure to the one published just over 9 months ago when the market was said to be around 8,500 apps then that is a very rapid increase. If this growth rate continues then Android Market could overtake Apple’s App Store in mere months.

I’m sure that this success is due, in no small measure, to the relative ease with which and app will be approved for Android versus iPhone. Mind you I wonder if Steve Jobs telling everyone that Android is a good platform for pron might help?! 😛


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IM+ for iPad mini review

im_240x130 I’ve had my iPad for a few weeks now and one of the first things I wanted to sort out was an instant messaging client. Now there are lots of instant messaging apps for the iPhone and iPod from apps that are specific to one IM service, such as the Yahoo Messenger app, to those that support connection to multiple IM services.

However, there are not many instant messaging apps that are designed for the iPad yet. For example my previous favourite, Palringo, does not yet have an iPad version available and while the iPhone version will work on the iPad it’s limited to running in a small window on the iPad or virtually full screen using the pixel-doubling zoom function on the iPad, either way it’s not ideal.

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