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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 66

Web banner Our panel of four gathers once again for a chat about Mobile activity in the last week. The iPad and iPhone 4.0 features are amongst the topics along with Microsoft’s Project Pink announcement, the HTC HD Mini and the HTC Legend.

Regulars: James Richardson, Matt Davis, Gareth Myles and Andy Lee

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Two New Sony Ericsson Walkman Phones

SE LogoSony Ericsson’s next generation of WalkmanT phones, offer an affordable entry point into Sony Ericsson’s Communication Entertainment portfolio

April 13, 2010 – London – Sony Ericsson today announces a new duo which continues the iconic award-winning* Sony Ericsson Walkman phone legacy. With more than 130 million Walkman phones sold worldwide, Sony Ericsson now adds two affordable Walkman phones to its portfolio – without compromising on features.

Sony Ericsson Zylo and Sony Ericsson Spiro provide consumers with the best music experience they have come to expect from Walkman phones but go one step further and marry music with social networking. From Twitter to Facebook, consumers can catch up with friends at just a touch of a button while still listening to their favourite music on the Walkman player. Another key function available on both phones is TrackID – which allows consumers to access the name and artist of a track they hear playing wherever they are. This function has proved popular with music lovers world-wide with 129 million TrackID lookups in 2009 alone.

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Apple has approved the Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone


Stop the presses, something huge just happened in the App Store; Apple has approved a 3rd party web browser and added it to the virtual shelves of their all conquering app store! That’s right, the Opera Mini for iPhone app has been approved by Steve Jobs and co. and is now ready to be downloaded free in the app store!

We’ve been covering this story for some time, ever since we first caught glimpses of the Opera browser playing nicely with Apple’s iPhone back in February at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The browser, just like it’s various other incarnations for the various operating systems and Java enabled feature phones, compresses web pages by up to 90% offering lightening quick load times for web pages.

This compression not only drastically improves loading times but also lowers data costs as well, something that will come in handy for those who have switched their contracts to pay as you go in the run up to the inevitable launch of the iPhone 4G/ HD.

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Palm seeing the error of it’s ways?


Given that O2 has sold the Palm Pre as successfully as you would a knife in the chest it’s nice to see Palm releasing the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus on dual networks in Germanland. Vodafone will hopefully give the little phones some much needed attention and will hopefully shift a few more than you could expect from O2.

One can only hope for a similar release in the UK and more Palm in more … paws. Honestly, I walked past the O2 store yesterday and there was a short queue of 3 at the Palm stand. On the other side of the stop was one person looking at the iPhone and two sales representatives explaining the great many things the iPhone could do. Never before was there a more glaring example of O2 dedication to the little Palm Underdog.

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Motorola’s Android update calendar

thumb_550_Motorola update

Good news for all you rocking Motorola Android device’s, you can get an idea of just when to expect your 2.1 update. The European Dext might be the only one that will cause some growls, provided someone bought one. Did anyone?

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For Sale – Palm!


Yes, you read it right. The word on the street is that Palm are looking for buyers. Palm is said to be working with Goldman Sachs and Qatalyst Partners to pick a suitor, with HTC and Lenovo both named as potential offer-makers. Many people have said this is what is needed from Palm as last year when they launched their new operating system, WEB OS, although the OS itself was fantastic the hardware Palm produced was well under par. The Palm Pre was meant to be their turning point but worldwide sales have been a lot lest than they anticipated.

Could this be the end of what was once a pioneering company within the Smartphone market? Only time will tell.

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3 New Nokia Devices

Nokia Logo

Social networking and messaging brought to life with the Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5.

Espoo, Finland – Nokia has announced three new handsets – the Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 – designed to put better messaging and social networking tools in the hands of more people around the world, at affordable prices. These new handsets feature full QWERTY keyboards, and enable access to a range of different email accounts, IM communities and social networks.

“Our messaging device range is very successful,” said Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s Head of Markets. “Services that provide easy access to the world’s consumer and corporate email and instant messaging are really popular on our QWERTY smartphones such as the Nokia E71 and Nokia E63. People want the best messaging and social networking experience on an affordable device, whether it’s sending a simple text or instant message, an email, or a direct message from their Twitter account. The Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 are made for just that.”

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RIM announces hot new BlackBerry Bold 9700 in white


RIM has announced the sleek and powerful BlackBerry® Bold 9700 in stunning new white design.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone offers the perfect combination of form and function – with top-of-the-line performance and features with support for 3G networks, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi®, a 3.2MP camera and a sharp, dazzling display.

Cutting edge engineering and premium finishes extend to the exterior of the handset, with a smoothly integrated touch-sensitive trackpad and a distinctive fretted keyboard. The chrome frame is complemented by the new iridescent white colouring adding to the BlackBerry Bold’s sleek and elegant look.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 in White will soon be available online and in-store from Carphone Warehouse and T-Mobile on selected tariffs.

For more information on the BlackBerry Bold 9700, including product specifications, please visit:

Looks pretty swish doesn’t it? I’m hoping to get my hands on one of these so we will bring you some more photos of the real thing.


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