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HTC Legend unboxing video

Legend-main Last month saw the launch of a few new HTC devices, the HTC Legend being just of of them and it seems that this one will be the first to go on sale.

So the Legend review units seem to have started to arrive with various journalists over the past few days and ours arrived just about an hour or so ago. Wasting no time I’ve grabbed the camera and recorded an unboxing and demo video for you.

In the video I’ll take you on a tour of the hardware and then we’ll have a brief look at the operating system and user interface. I’ll record another video later on and will look at more of the applications in greater detail.

We’ll also have the full review for you once we’ve had time to give the Legend a thorough road test. As you know, we wont write a review of anything until we have been able to use it properly!

After the jump you’ll find the video as well as a couple of teaser photos…


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Windows Phone 7 Series isn’t going to be backward compatible.

windows mobiles

In a recent blog posting, Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel wrote about the Windows Phone 7 Series application development and he explains that Microsoft had to change its strategy to accommodate what developers have been asking for. Specifically developers told Microsoft to focus on the end user experience and take more responsibility for delivering integrated end user experiences, invest more deeply in the developer platform and developer experience as well as driving a standardized hardware platform creating a simpler ecosystem and a larger – consistent – opportunity. And therefore Windows Phone 7 developer experiences will build upon the following technologies:

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Orange blocking Hero apps


Phandroid are reporting that Orange are apparently bloking access to some paid apps on the android marketplace. This doesn’t seem to be affecting usages, rather you are unable to find them when searching the marketplace for them thanks to a recent update. Read on for more info and a quote from HTC:

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HTC Legend gets an unboxing


Slashgear have unboxed and photographed the HTC Legend. There is a whole host of images and videos so see. Android looks to be running nicely and the screen seems nice. Of course the build quality is looked at since this would be the main attraction of this device.

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Swype Beta for Android™


Swype is pleased to offer an Android Beta!

You signed up to be emailed when this happened, and probably gave up on us. Well, we are (finally) pleased to announce the limited availability of the Swype Beta for Android. Thanks for being patient over the past year as we’ve been focused on improving the product and preparing for our launch with multiple phone manufacturers and carriers.

Here are the details:

  • Initially we will have a limited number of participants – we’ll expand it soon
  • In English and Spanish – more languages to come
  • Limited Features – some key features of Swype require OEM integration
  • HVGA and WVGA Resolutions – don’t worry we’ll detect this automatically
  • Limited End User Support – mostly via our user forum at
  • If your phone came pre-installed with Swype DO NOT download this beta (it won’t work)

How will this work?

You register with an email address you can access via your mobile and we send you a link to download Swype.
That’s it!

Click here to go to the Swype Beta Website

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