By March 6, 2010

Orange blocking Hero apps


Phandroid are reporting that Orange are apparently bloking access to some paid apps on the android marketplace. This doesn’t seem to be affecting usages, rather you are unable to find them when searching the marketplace for them thanks to a recent update. Read on for more info and a quote from HTC:


The latest Orange HTC Hero update is blocking access to some paid applications in Android Market that seem to have simply “vanished”. Don’t look for HTC to solve the problem anytime soon:

“HTC won’t release any software update on this matter but Orange UK is free to upload at any time to our web server a support solution” the company told one Reg reader, continuing that “Orange UK … is aware of the issues and is working to urgently resolve them.” The missive explained that the problem stems from a server of some sort, rather than the handset.

Last August the same thing happened on Orange and copy-protected apps were the culprit –RegHardware suspects it’s the same problem this time around. An irritating issue indeed. To our friends in the UK – have you noticed this problem?

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