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Sense UI goes Magic

OK, I’m not gonna give you all an Apple quote and say this post is made of Magic but instead I will tell you all that HTC have now released the Sense UI for the HTC Magic.


The update will completely wipe your ROM so make sure you backup your data before taking the new UI accross and remember that you can view your contacts online with Android by visiting Google Contacts (sign into Google before visiting).


To download the new Sense UI for the HTC Magic simply pop on over to HTC’s website and ensure you have your data cable handy.

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Nokia N900 gets Firefox!

fox-in-yer-pocket Hopefully you will have seen our Nokia N900 review by now and you’ll know that we quite like the handset and, in particular, like the browsing experience on it. That’s set to only get better now though as from today you can download Firefox for Mobile 1.0 for the Nokia Maemo 5 platform.

I downloaded it a few hours ago to have a look at and have been impressed with it, there’s Javascript support and Flash support too, although the latter needs to be enabled manually and it’s not perfect but it has a good go!

Anyone with a Nokia N900 should definitely check Firefox Mobile 1.0 out, well worth the download I’d say!

Now, where did I leave my fox?! 😛


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Samsung S560 Monte Leaked

My fingers are now starting to get sore with the amount of news I have typed up today, but gotta keep it coming while it’s there so here is the latest instalment of Samsung’s leaked handsets.


The Samsung S5620 Monte looks to follow similar form as the original Galaxy handset yet this time it will have the samsung touchwiz OS rather than the Android OS. Other than a 3″ touch screen display ther is not a great deal we can tell you about this phone. We do know that it will host a number of “the usual” features like:

  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • MicroSD Slot
  • 200 MB internal memory
  • GPS
  • WIFI
  • 3G

For now, here are some more pictures that should quench the knowledge thirst until the expected announcement at MWC.

samsung-s5620-monte-01  samsung-s5620-monte-05

samsung-s5620-monte-08 samsung-s5620-monte-09

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Amazon Kindle DX unboxing video

E-Book readers and the Amazon Kindle itself have been around for a while and the latest Kindle, the DX, actually launched in the US in May of 2009. Until recently if you wanted to buy one in the UK you had to buy it and then arrange to have it imported yourself. However, Amazon recently made the Kindle DX available to purchase internationally and you can now log on to to order one.

The Amazon Kindle DX

The Amazon Kindle DX


The new people at Amazon kindly have sent us a Kindle DX to review. This is a product that I was looking forward to seeing for myself as I found the e-ink concept intriguing and I thought that the Kindle’s ability to display PDF documents would be handy for me as I frequently have reports to read.

The 9.7″ e-ink display is quite high res at 824×1200 pixels and despite being monochrome works very well. The built in 3G network means that eBooks and newspaper subscriptions are delivered wirelessly to the device. Depending on your region you can also use the Kindle DX as a basic web browser but don’t expect a fantastic surfing experience from it!

Have a look at the quick unboxin video below and I’ll be back soon with the full review!


Amazon Kindle DX unboxing video


Amazon Kindle DX Specification:

  • Price: £299.00
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm Output, USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 264 x 182 x 9mm
  • Display Size: 9.7″
  • Features: 1200 x 824 display resolution
  • Connectivity: Amazon Whispernet using EVDO/CDMA AnyDATA wireless modem, with fallback to 1xRTT
  • Screen: 16-level greyscale Electronic paper
  • Built in stereo speakers and MP3 playback
  • Linux OS
  • Lithium-Ion battery good for up to 2 weeks on one charge
  • Weight (g): 540
  • HDD Capacity (GB): 4 / 3.3GB available to the user


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Sony Ericsson Vivaz appears

sony-ericsson-vivazHere’s another new phone from Sony Ericsson. hopefully this one will last more than a week in the stores. The Vivaz. Having more of a budget feel than their flagship Satio the Vivaz’s focus seems to be mainly on media and net connectivity. Hitting the market at a modest £380 you can check out the video on It’s pretty darn cheesy and hardly shows off the potential of being a phone. Specs after the break:

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China Mobile’s SIM card breakthrough


It seems China Mobile is going start releasing a new SIM card that allows for multi-numbers. A service I know a few folks would be most happy at. From the sounds of things user will be able to bind three numbers to their SIM card, at present the easiest way to have more than one number is to use a dual SIM card splitter or one of the few phones out there that accept dual SIM cards.

This sort of service will be a welcome release however I’m sure our networks will find a way to charge you for the privilege of having two numbers other than your normal bill.


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What is the iPad’s MicroSIM all about


Just to keep you from reusing something that you have already bought it seems that the MicroSIM that will be used in the iPad is physically different to the SIM card you have in your phone. Just in case you had any ideas of buying the 3G version with the intent of putting in a pre-existing SIM card you might have already been using. Whilst it seems a little home operating by snipping the top off your SIM card with some scissors to make it fit, it does render the SIM card harder to use with other devices again. There is still no guarantee that the SIM card will work post operation at the moment.

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