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Amazon Kindle DX unboxing video

E-Book readers and the Amazon Kindle itself have been around for a while and the latest Kindle, the DX, actually launched in the US in May of 2009. Until recently if you wanted to buy one in the UK you had to buy it and then arrange to have it imported yourself. However, Amazon recently made the Kindle DX available to purchase internationally and you can now log on to to order one.

The Amazon Kindle DX

The Amazon Kindle DX


The new people at Amazon kindly have sent us a Kindle DX to review. This is a product that I was looking forward to seeing for myself as I found the e-ink concept intriguing and I thought that the Kindle’s ability to display PDF documents would be handy for me as I frequently have reports to read.

The 9.7″ e-ink display is quite high res at 824×1200 pixels and despite being monochrome works very well. The built in 3G network means that eBooks and newspaper subscriptions are delivered wirelessly to the device. Depending on your region you can also use the Kindle DX as a basic web browser but don’t expect a fantastic surfing experience from it!

Have a look at the quick unboxin video below and I’ll be back soon with the full review!


Amazon Kindle DX unboxing video


Amazon Kindle DX Specification:

  • Price: £299.00
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm Output, USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 264 x 182 x 9mm
  • Display Size: 9.7″
  • Features: 1200 x 824 display resolution
  • Connectivity: Amazon Whispernet using EVDO/CDMA AnyDATA wireless modem, with fallback to 1xRTT
  • Screen: 16-level greyscale Electronic paper
  • Built in stereo speakers and MP3 playback
  • Linux OS
  • Lithium-Ion battery good for up to 2 weeks on one charge
  • Weight (g): 540
  • HDD Capacity (GB): 4 / 3.3GB available to the user


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