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Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, is a major shareholder in Disney (he owns stock worth several billion dollars) because Disney aquired Pixar so it is no wonder that Disney now is Apple-friendly. Donald Duck using iPhone? Mickey Mouse booting Mac? Yea betcha!

We have tried this app and it has very polished graphics with animations as well as some trivia quizzes, games and other content (it includes both old Disney characters like Donald Duck and Pixar characters like that cowboy from Toy Story):

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HTC Touch HD vs HTC HD2

Just as a follow up to the photos I posted of the HTC HD2 last night here are a few more with the HTC Touch HD beside the HTC HD2 for comparison.

When I first looked at the side-by-side I must admit I was surprised how much bigger the HD2 is. The design of the HD2 is pretty clever and the rounded edges and the curved back coupled with the overall thinness of the handset makes it feel and seem much smaller in the hand than the images below may suggest.


As you can see from the picture below, the HD2 is both taller and wider than the already large HD.



The bottom view of both units shows you how much wider the HD2 is than the HD but the HD does look a little more ‘chunky’ in this shot.



Looking at the side view of the two handsets it’s clear that the HD2 is thinner than the older HD.



And finally, stacking the HD on top of the HTC HD2 shows the difference. I wonder if the HD2 may just be too big for many people to even consider?!



I’ll have more images for you soon and if you have any questions about the HTC HD2 then please do feel free add them on the forum.


EDIT: Our extensive HTC HD2 review is now live on site.


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Google Maps Navigation comes to Android

Google Maps have released a beta for there navigation software to be trialed on the Android platform!


Google Maps

I’m sure most of us have used Google Maps at some point but if you have ever tried to use it for navigation while driving you would have found that its a real pain in the butt as it will only give you on screen prompts and no voice guidance.

Well it looks like all that is about to change and if the beta testing goes to plan I am sure we will see it rolled out to all mobile operating systems.

There are certainly some benefits to using Google Maps navigation. Here’s the best bits:

Firstly it will be free which is always a bonus, however I strongly recommend an unlimited data plan as the maps will be downloaded as required.

If you don’t want to type the address onto the screen Google will allow you to just say it.

If you don’t know the address Google Maps will search the web and find it.

Google Maps currently shows traffic delays and these are incorporated into the navigation program.

As Google already has satellite and street view these are also utilized in the navigation software so you can actually see your destination before you get there.


maps1 maps2

Google Maps Navigation map options



You can click here to see a demo video. Go check it out as it looks pretty amazing if you ask me.


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