By October 29, 2009

HTC Touch HD vs HTC HD2

Just as a follow up to the photos I posted of the HTC HD2 last night here are a few more with the HTC Touch HD beside the HTC HD2 for comparison.

When I first looked at the side-by-side I must admit I was surprised how much bigger the HD2 is. The design of the HD2 is pretty clever and the rounded edges and the curved back coupled with the overall thinness of the handset makes it feel and seem much smaller in the hand than the images below may suggest.


As you can see from the picture below, the HD2 is both taller and wider than the already large HD.



The bottom view of both units shows you how much wider the HD2 is than the HD but the HD does look a little more ‘chunky’ in this shot.



Looking at the side view of the two handsets it’s clear that the HD2 is thinner than the older HD.



And finally, stacking the HD on top of the HTC HD2 shows the difference. I wonder if the HD2 may just be too big for many people to even consider?!



I’ll have more images for you soon and if you have any questions about the HTC HD2 then please do feel free add them on the forum.


EDIT: Our extensive HTC HD2 review is now live on site.


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