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Nokia N97 2.0 Firmware Now Available


Nokia has released the highly anticipated V2.0 Firmware for the N97 phone. Users can expect speed improvements, security fixes, Ovi Maps 3.1 and more.

Although the Nokia N97 hasn’t been the company saving handset the company had hoped for, it still retains a loyal following and Nokia has reciprocated this trust with today’s firmware 2.0 update which addresses a number of of security and bug issues. A list of the updates is below:

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SuperEtrader site redesigned and relaunched

Our friends over at SuperEtrader have been busy over the past few months and have totally redesigned and re-launched their website and online store.


If you are not familiar with SuperEtrader (why not!?) they specialise in Unlocked/SIM-free smartphones and wide range of accessories. SuperEtrader also sponsor our forums that we launched recently.

Why not check out their new site at!


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In this episode Edward from is chatting with: Mickey from The Cellphone Junkie podcast, Alli from, Gareth from Mobile Tech Addicts.

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HTC HD2 delayed?

Ok this one is very much an unconfirmed rumour but today I had an email from two different sources saying that they’ve been told that the HTC Touch HD2 is subject to some delays and will not launch on the 11th of November as expected.

Now, while it is possible that the HD2 has been delayed, other HTC handsets have been subject to launch delays in the past, I must emphasise that we have not had any official confirmation about the delay, in much the same way that there is no official launch date for the HD2 as yet.

If you have any news about the HTC HD2 that you would like to share with us then please do get in touch using either our contact page above or else via the forum.

Don’t worry, as soon as we have any HD2 news we’ll be sure to share it with you and likewise, as soon as we get our hands on the HD2 we’ll have an unboxing video and review for you.


EDIT: News just in from Devicewire. The due date for the HTC HD2 has not changed as far as they are aware, it should still be the 11th November. However, stock will be ridiculously low initially so you are urged to pre-order.

Additional stock will not arrive until 2 weeks after the original shipment and the the car kit wont be available till January 2010!

In terms of the positives, there is a 2GB memory card and a pouch case included with the handset.


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