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HTC Snap Inner Circle screenshot

image HTC will soon release the HTC Snap Windows Mobile Standard smartphone and one of the new features will be the Inner Circle. Inner Circle allows messages from preset contacts to be filtered out at the touch of a button, allowing mobile users to readily access important information on the relatively small 2.4-inch 320 x 240 display. This looks fairly easy to set up and HTC have added a nice touch to Windows Mobile Standard.

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Press Release: Vodafone Freeday Today Only

In short the press release below says that for today only you can surf the internet on the Vodafone network for FREE and starting tomorrow you can browse for a flat rate of 50p per day.

A very good move for Vodafone in my eyes as this now sets the standard for other networks to follow or beat.

30th April 2009


  • New flat rate 50p daily rate for internet browsing and webmail from your mobile phone
  • Internet browsing and webmail on your mobile free to use all day Friday 1st May
  • Facebook most visited site

Vodafone UK is introducing a new flat 50p daily rate for internet browsing and email on your mobile phone. The new rate will become effective from tomorrow, May 1, for all pay as you go and contract customers who don’t already subscribe to a monthly mobile internet bundle.

The new pricing is being introduced in response to customer feedback that flat rate unlimited browsing gives peace of mind and more control over how much customers spend.

To mark the new flat rate, tomorrow Vodafone customers will be able to browse the internet and pick up emails on their mobiles for free all day. Vodafone’s ‘Freeday’ will be the perfect way for customers to plan their May Bank Holiday while they travel to work on the train, wait for the bus or kill time waiting for friends to join them in the pub. More information about ‘Freeday’ can be found at:

Customers can browse the internet on a wide range of Vodafone mobiles and use it to look at the same internet sites they are used to on their home computers from Facebook, Bebo, PriceRunner, YouTube, MySpace and eBay, through searching on Google, train timetables and the latest results from Sky Sports, to the best in city, gig and event guides.  They’ can also check webmail accounts such as Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL or Google Mail.

Customers don’t need to do anything to qualify for ‘Freeday’, just simply click on the Vodafone live! or the browser icon in the menu of their phone to get started on the day.

Millions of customers can access the mobile internet using Vodafone’s fast and reliable network. Among the most popular sites Vodafone customers visit are social networking and news sites, with Facebook topping the charts of most visited sites:

Top most visited sites using Vodafone’s mobile internet service are Facebook, Google, BBC, YouTube, Windows Live, Bebo, eBay,

Top Google searches using Vodafone’s mobile internet service are Facebook, Bebo, eBay, Hotmail, YouTube, Yahoo, MSN, Google, Flirtomatic and BBC

For more information about using the internet on your mobile and details on how to set up your webmail account head to

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HTC Magic Launched

OK, OK dont get excited, the HTC Magic has just launched with no other but Vodafone Spain. But you may not have heard that the coveted Cupcake update (also known as Android OS 1.5) is now available to Android Dev phone users via the HTC website and now OTA for G1 users.

The HTC Magic is the second Android phone by HTC after the HTC Dream (a.k.a. T-Mobile G1). We already reviewed the G1 and we were quite happy with the perspectives for the new mobile OS. There certainly is some missing stuff, but a lot of those misses are taken care for in the latest version of Android called Cupcake. If you happen to own an Android Dev phone, you can get yourselves all dressed up with a new OS by following this link.

However if you don’t own a Dev phone, but you live in Spain, you might as well get yourself the updated OS along with the latest hardware. Not only does the HTC Magic come with all the latest Androidish goodies, but it’s also got a slimmed down waistline by shedding its bulky hardware QWERTY thumboard and it’s now available with Vodafone Spain.

magic banner

The HTC Magic can now be had only on a 18-month contract from 19 to 199 euro depending on the choice of monthly plan. Whatever your tariff however, there’s an obligatory 12 euro monthly for unlimited browsing as according to Vodafone the handset uses internet connection automatically even without user intervention and having a data plan is a must.

The other good news is that the device will launch on May 5th in the UK on Vodafone.

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