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Classic Palm Pre Palm OS Emulator video

image When it comes to getting the story first and the video to back it up Dieter Bohn is the man. He broke the story yesterday that the Palm Pre would have an application available to run old Palm OS applications providing a little legacy support for the Palm fans out there. Well now he has captured a video demo of the application and shared it for all to see. We have it after the break, kudos to Dieter and Precentral.

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Firmware Update

Today Nokia released new firmware update for the 5800 XpressMusic. Being quite a major release it brings improvements in a number of areas. According to Nokia it should improve the performance and the user interface as well as add some new applications.

The new firmware version brings in the Mobile Dictionary and Application Update Apps to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The first one offers you voice playback and text-to-speech, supporting 38 languages.

As the name suggests Application Update manages the new updates for your installed apps, making them easy to keep up to date.

The Popular Nokia 5800

The 5800 XpressMusic new firmware revision also brings two new camera features. The first is the burst mode, which allows the primary camera to take multiple photos with a single key press. The second is enabling the secondary camera to take photos. Up until now it could only be used for video-calling.

As usually lots of bug-fixes and performance improvements complete the change log. According to Nokia the 5800 XpressMusic handsets that get the new firmware should have faster user interface and greater download speeds.

Considering the enormous popularity of the 5800 XpressMusic it’s hardly surprising that Nokia are rushing to fix all those irritating bugs that plague its first S60 full touch handset. Despite some hardware issues it had recently, the handset is selling in volumes, making it quite likely that this is not the last firmware update it will see.

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Microsoft keynote from CTIA video

image Robbie Bach, President, Entertainment & Devices Division of Microsoft has been talking at CTIA and we have the video after the break. Not too much new to report except some fashion designer home screens, more details on Marketplace, new version of Live Messenger and a demo of 6.5 and the new IE with flash. Take a look for yourself after the break.

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Android gets Office editing suite thanks to DataViz

image DataViz is now shipping Documents To Go® Standard Edition version 1.0 for Android™.  The highly anticipated office suite leverages DataViz’s experience developing mobile solutions and brings a feature rich, enterprise-grade productivity tool to devices based on the Android platform. The full feature set is after the break and the App is priced at $19.99 for a limited time.

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Palm Pre will run old Palm OS apps with Classic

image                    So it looks like the rumours were correct, just discovered that Motion Apps are working on an application that will be called “Classic” and they tell us that Classic will run PalmOS apps you’ve grown to love over the years.


– Compared to Treo 700p your PalmOS apps will run approximately twice as fast on Classic.

– There are 30,000+ PalmOS apps. Through Classic, many PalmOS apps will work on the Palm® Pre™. We will have a detailed compatibility list for you closer to the release date so stay tuned!

So there you go, it’s all systems go for all you Palm OS users and now you can relax in the knowledge that the Palm Pre should have a huge back catalogue of applications ready to go.

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LG GD900 Crystal Details

Today LG unveiled some more details about the LG GD900 Crystal. The unique transparent keypad doubles as a touchpad and the handset will also support multi-touch.

It has also become clear that the keypad is made of glass, rather than plastic which in my view is a big mistake given that the form factor is slide (I wonder how much replacement slides will be).

The LG GD900 Crystal will run on LG’s S-Class UI with a lot of touch related goodies including multi-touch input as well as gesture support. This means that features like the two-finger zoom we saw on the Arena will be available for the Crystal users too.

LG GD900
Oooh Fancy

There will also be some new stuff on the LG Crystal, for example writing an ‘M’ would launch the MP3 player and drawing a circle controls the volume.

We know that the GD900 will have haptic feedback which is a more than welcomed feature and that it will also have handwriting recognition, which isn’t too frequent on phones with capacitive screens but improvement has been done in the web browsing department too which is more than needed.

The GD900 will offer ‘mouse mode’ for a more convenient browsing experience which basically means that you will be able to control a virtual mouse with your touch keypad, much like you would do on a laptop.

The LG GD900 Crystal will hit the European and Asian shelves in May but its pricing is yet unknown.

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