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More updates for HTC Touch HD

As an HTC Touch HD user I am always interested the various updates for the device. There are various ROM releases for the HD and some interesting ‘cooked’ ROMS out there but HTC have also come up with several official hot fixes that resolve a number of annoying glitches.

The latest ones to appear on the HTC site are:

Hot Fix to enhance virtual viewfinder in the Camera on the HTC Touch HD
When you use the Camera function to take a picture in a dim environment with super fine quality, sometimes the image will display extraneous (noise) pixels in the viewfinder mode. It’s not a mechanical (LCD) fault but only an intermittent display problem in view finder mode. It does not have any impact on the picture quality or other display functions. If you encounter this problem, please download this hot fix to enhance the virtual viewfinder mode.

Hot fix for resolving a display flicker of the title bar in TouchFLO 3D
In some circumstances, you may experience a frequent flickering of the title bar in TouchFLO 3D. If this happens, please install this hot fix to resolve this problem.

Hot fix for improving the on-screen slider feature for answering calls
When trying to answer a phone call, sometimes it’s hard to answer the phone by using the on-screen slider. If you encounter this problem, please download this hot fix to solve this problem.

Head over to the Touch HD page on the HTC site to find out more and to download the updates.


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Samsung i780 Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade

image Samsung have finally officially released the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the SGH i780. Currently the phone is running Windows Mobile 6.0 and this release has been a long time coming. We reviewed the Samsung SGH i780 last year and found it to be an excellent handset with obviously an outdated version or Windows Mobile. Now that the upgrade is officially available this handset could be a great option for the front facing qwerty keyboard  lovers. Available in UK, Italy and Nordic flavours form Samsung Mobile here.

Thanks to msmobiles for the heads up

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Microsoft launches MSN Mobile Music service in UK

image UK consumers can download more than one million tracks, 25,000 realtones and 10,000 music videos from artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Britney Spears and Pink across the world’s major record labels, including Sony Music and Warner Music.
The content licences and technical platform for MSN Mobile Music is being provided through a partnership with VidZone Digital Media and builds upon the existing relationship the companies have with Microsoft’s Xbox Live service and the MSN Video portal.

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HTC Sapphire is the G2

g2 We have discussed how the Dream G2 is actually the G2 that we expect to see Android running on. Phonereport has a little article regarding the HTC Sapphire, a phone touted to be the G2. Click on for the full story.

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Resco releases Resco Suite 2009 for Palm OS

The title says it all really! Resco have launched Resco Suite 2009 for Palm OS and are providing it as a free upgrade for existing Suite customers. The latest version has a number of key improvements over the previous version which the Resco press release details below:


Jan Slodicka, Founder of J.S. Soft s.r.o has proudly introduced Resco Suite 2009:

“Resco Suite is a combination of award-winning products for the Palm OS. It allows users to get all our products at an amazingly low cost of just 60$ (compared to 125$ when purchased individually), and should be included on every Palm OS device!” – Jan Slodicka

Version 2009 of the Suite is a free upgrade for existing customers and contains the latest version of Resco Explorer, which has added a variety of highly useful features like file synchronization!

As already stated above, customers save over 60$ by purchasing the Suite compared to buying the apps one-by-one. Customers who currently own one or more Resco products can update for significantly less by emailing customer support.


By the way: Resco Suite consists of the following products:

Resco Explorer
Resco Explorer is a file manager, launcher, zipper and encryption tool. The program can connect to LAN/FTP/VPN networks, can access Bluetooth file shares and offers many other advanced features that allow you to regain control of your Palm.

Resco Backup
Resco Backup is the #1 Palm OS backup solution. No other backup solution for Palm OS can verify backup results – Resco Backup makes sure that all is safe that should be safe.

Resco Viewer
Resco Viewer excels in every area: supported formats, image editing, speed, image management and image editing. And let’s not forget the slideshow mode that gives most digital photo frames a run for their money!

IDGuard is what password managers should be. It not only stores your passwords, PINs etc. – It protects sensitive documents and files. Your encrypted files can be edited in place without having to decrypt them. Security has never been so comfortable before!

Resco Neeews
Resco Neeews is the best news reader for Palm OS. HTML rendering, images and a huge collection of predefined feeds make Neeews the only feed reader you’ll ever wish to use! Neeews furthermore allows you to stream podcasts and lets you access services like Google News, Windows Live or Flickr wirelessly.

Resco Sudoku
Many Sudoku freaks consider Resco Sudoku the best Sudoku ever released for a mobile device. We included Sudoku – in case you ever feel like taking a go, the app is ready for you!


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Android Cupcake details

image More details have emerged about the upcoming Android Cupcake update. Still no details on when we can expect to see the update but a few screen shots to get everyone excited. A new notepad application has been added along with the on screen keyboard that we already knew about, Full list of updates after the break.

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