By January 24, 2009

More updates for HTC Touch HD

As an HTC Touch HD user I am always interested the various updates for the device. There are various ROM releases for the HD and some interesting ‘cooked’ ROMS out there but HTC have also come up with several official hot fixes that resolve a number of annoying glitches.

The latest ones to appear on the HTC site are:

Hot Fix to enhance virtual viewfinder in the Camera on the HTC Touch HD
When you use the Camera function to take a picture in a dim environment with super fine quality, sometimes the image will display extraneous (noise) pixels in the viewfinder mode. It’s not a mechanical (LCD) fault but only an intermittent display problem in view finder mode. It does not have any impact on the picture quality or other display functions. If you encounter this problem, please download this hot fix to enhance the virtual viewfinder mode.

Hot fix for resolving a display flicker of the title bar in TouchFLO 3D
In some circumstances, you may experience a frequent flickering of the title bar in TouchFLO 3D. If this happens, please install this hot fix to resolve this problem.

Hot fix for improving the on-screen slider feature for answering calls
When trying to answer a phone call, sometimes it’s hard to answer the phone by using the on-screen slider. If you encounter this problem, please download this hot fix to solve this problem.

Head over to the Touch HD page on the HTC site to find out more and to download the updates.


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