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HTC Sapphire is the G2

g2 We have discussed how the Dream G2 is actually the G2 that we expect to see Android running on. Phonereport has a little article regarding the HTC Sapphire, a phone touted to be the G2. Click on for the full story.


One of the leaked HTC 2009 models on the 13th January 2009 was codenamed Sapphire 2.0, and it was expected to be the T-Mobile G2.

The successor to the first Android-based mobile phone was spotted in the wild but no features have been announced yet. The only news that was mentioned is that it will be released on May 2009.

Some of the important aspects that can be seen from the pictures are the 3.2 megapixel camera and the lack of keyboard. Some customers may regret this decision by HTC, however, one of the most successful smartphones nowadays is the Apple iPhone which also lacks a keyboard. The G2 will have a virtual keypad and the same User Interface seen on the G1.

The first Android smartphone, T-Mobile G1 or HTC Dream, was released in October 2008;  this release decision by HTC may be motivated by the launch of the Nokia N97, which will be the Nokia’s next flagship and will feature a 3.5" touch screen. The N97 is said to have a release date of March 31st in the UK and an early-April release date in North America. The Palm Pre will also be released in the next months, it will feature a touch screen and a brand new software platform built by Palm itself, called WebOS.

This year will be competitive for mobile OEMs mainly because of two factors: The economical crisis that is striking the entire world and the launch of exciting new mobile devices such as the N97 and the Pre. The Mobile World Congress coming up on the 16th February 2009 should reveal most of these devices.

The T-Mobile G1 is the only official mobile phone to currently run on Google’s open-source operating system Android. Australian Kogan has delayed its own Android-based phone, the Agora to an undefined date, owing to technical deficiencies.

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