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Video demo of Sling Player iPhone application

image The guys over at The iPhone Blog have grabbed a video demo of the Sling Media Player application for the iPhone in action. This is looking like a great application with screen swipes to change channels see through menu overlays and good quality H.264 video. I don’t have a Sling Box at the moment but as soon as this App gets a launch date I will be straight down to PC World to get one. Video after the break.

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Rumour: Samsung S8300 Slips Past Us

It looks like Samsung are lining up a really nice cameraphone for us this year. Although not officially announced by Samsung the S8300 looks like it will fit straight into the 8MP camera phone market and hold it’s own.

Samsung S8300 1

At only 12.8mm thick, the Samsung S8300 has an absolutely massive widescreen OLED display, probably the largest one we’ve seen to date, and the fact that it’s a touchscreen, makes it that much sweeter.

Samsung S8300 3

The S8300 specs sheet is further pumped up by an 8 megapixel camera with auto focus, a GPS receiver, HSDPA and DivX video support.

Samsung S8300 4

Judging from the interface shots, the handset doesn’t seem to be a smartphone, but instead is running on the Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz feature phone interface, well known from the Samsung Pixon for example.

Among its other niceties are FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth 2.1, and a microSD card slot however, unfortunately, as it’s evident from the photos the 8 megapixel camera is not equipped with a xenon flash. There’s only LED instead that’s best used as video light. There’s no mention of Wi-Fi functionality either.

Samsung S8300 5 Samsung S8300 6

As you may guess, there is no official info about the device yet, however word is out that it should be available by March 2009.

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Finally a digital picture frame worth buying

Until now digital picture frames have been relegated to ugly hunks front-no-background1 of electronics slapped together in a backroom factory somewhere in the Shenzen Special Economic Zone, and possibly containing viruses. In November T-Mobile introduced The T-Mobile Cameo which was a GSM connected picture frame that can display images sent to the frame via email or MMS. It is a neat idea, but paying a monthly fee to display pictures taken from camera phones was a tough pill to swallow, and the device is having a hard time finding a market for itself.

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"Cupcake" update still in the works for Android

images G1 users may be getting a much-needed update which comes with a virtual on-screen keyboard (similar to the iPhone).  This would be a nice addition since users have to slide open the keyboard for all typing purposes.  It is slightly inconvenient to slide the keyboard out, especially if you are typing a short response, so this update will eliminate that completely.  Call it copying the iPhone if you want, but it’s practical and makes perfect sense.  There is not a specific date set for the release, but lets hope it is soon!

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