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HTC launches HTC Touch HD and HTC Touch 3G at Gitex

image HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today launched two new devices in the Middle East – the HTC Touch 3G and HTC Touch HD. Highlighting GITEX 2008, the Middle East’s largest technology conference, the new phones, along with many other HTC handsets will be demonstrated within HTC’s booth located at F9-1B in Sheikh Rashid Hall. HTC will showcase the devices under three distinct categories – lifestyle, enterprise and navigation, which have been conceptualized to provide consumers with the choice and flexibility to select the mobile device that fits with their specific needs and lifestyle. Full press release after the break.

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New update for the Winterface software

The guys over at VITO Technology have listened to the users of Winterface and released a new software update as well as a stand alone product that interfaces directly with Winterface to display Weather information on your WM device.

Winterface01 Winterface02
Winterface Screenshots

Winterface With Weather
October 14, 2008 – VITO Technology updates Winterface – mobile shell for Windows Mobile devices. The new version of Winterface features a Weather icon among other status icons with "live" info like time, calendar, e-mail, tasks and other icons. Winterface 1.14 also addresses some minor device specific bugs and provides further improvements.

Since Winterface was released in July there has been a definite call from its users for weather support. Many users find Winterface much more attractive than the Today screen and want to see Weather information in Winterface.

For this purpose VITO Technology has developed a free stand-alone product Weather. Weather installs on device just like any other application but its icon when added to Winterface displays the actual weather information. Weather is completely finger-friendly and easy to use application.

Among other improvements there are numerous bug fixes and cyclic page scrolling, i.e. users can flip through pages with icons from the last page immediately to the first one and vice versa.

Weather Screenshot

To get your free copy of the Weather application head on over to: and download it directly to your WM device. If you would also like to get the accompanying Winterface then head over to for another download.

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Gmail application on Android

image Just spotted this video walk through over at the Google Mobile Blog showing the Gmail application on the Android OS. I have to say it looks really well integrated and if your a big Gmail user this could sway your phone choice. Android preserves all the functionality that you are used to on your desktop, such as starring, archiving, assigning and reading labels, and the conversation view that makes reading email on Gmail so pleasant. Check out the video after the break.

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Mobile phones can cause face rash

image The BBC has published an interesting article about mobile phones users that are developing rashes on their faces and ears caused by an allergic reaction to the nickel on handsets. The British Association of Dermatologists said the phenomenon is being seen in people who spend long periods of time on the phone.This one caught my eye as I have an allergy to nickel but have not suffered with my phone so far. The full article is after the break.

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