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LG KC780 Emerges

After a bunch of leaked photos over the last couple of weeks, the KC780 officially joins the LG sharp-shooter ranks. Succeeding the affordable LG KC550, the KC780 is aiming at the mid-range market.

LG KC780 Angled Right
LG KC870

The main highlight of LG KC780 is quite obviously its 8 megapixel autofocus camera. It is also capable of shooting D1 (720 x 480 pixels) resolution videos at the cool 30fps. The camera has a long list of sweet sounding features. Those include face and smile detection, beauty shot, image stabilization and ISO 1600.

LG KC870 Open View 

The display of LG KC780 is a 2.4" 262K-color unit of QVGA resolution. Some of the other niceties on-board are Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR, USB v2.0 and a microSD card slot that tops 140MB of built-in storage. There is no 3G support, so EDGE will have to do for network data transfers.

LG KC870 Back View

The LG KC780 is also able to stream live video over Bluetooth connection with PC, which is a great way to have a webcam on you at all times.

The LG KC780 will be the mere 13.9mm thick, which is a feat considering the 8MP shooter and the large display. The tri-band (900/1800/1900) handset will start shipping as early as November this year at a price that’s yet to be announced.

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Xperia unboxed at Dailymotion

sonyericssonx1-xperia-08Dailymotion looks to have have a fully functioning Xperia in their hands, the lucky devils.Its out in Sweden now so we will have to closely monitor the proceedings here. I’ve nicked all their pictures, you can see them after the break.

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Spanish video look at the HTC Touch HD

image The Spanish now get in on the Touch HD video reviews action, thanks to Big Mo for the heads up, this time we have a nine minute look at the most desirable Windows Mobile device ever. Now how about HTC slip one over to us as we have had a German video, French video, Czech video and now a Spanish, come on let us do the English version please. Video after the break.

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ARCHOS 5 Official Guided Tour

image If you are having trouble understanding the attraction of the Archos 5. Here it is laid out in simple terms with a nice walk-through of the features. They manage to squeeze in an iPhone along the way. whilst I admit the email client is pretty unnecessary I’m impressed its there. Check the video out after the break.

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Orange drops BlackBerry Bold – “quality issues”

Orange UK have pulled the BlackBerry Bold due to quality concerns. Which means Vodafone has an exclusive on the Bold for the time being, should you hanker for a buggy smartphone.

Blackberry Bold

According to a leaked internal document, Orange is pulling the handset until software issues have been ironed out.

The Orange internal statement to staff says: “Following reports of software issues with the BlackBerry Bold handset across a variety of mobile operators, Orange has decided to act in the interest of its customers by suspending shipments of the device in the UK. We are currently awaiting feed back from RIM as to when an industry wide fix for these issues will be in place, and expect this suspension to be an interim measure. We apologise for any inconvenience this issue may cause you. BlackBerry/RIM are doing everything they can to resolve this issue and will be completing full testing and validation to ensure future handsets do not have any quality issues. This may take a couple of weeks so it’s up to us to do what’s best for our customers.”

Vodafone UK, meanwhile, is still offering the Bold. But for how long remains to be seen. After all, AT&T in the US has repeatedly put back the smartphone’s launch, presumably because of the same software bugs.

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Solution to iPhone 3G charging problems

image We have talked many times on the blog and podcast about the problems with the iPhone 3G no longer charging through the old Firewire charging pins and the trouble this caused with iPod docks but most commonly with car integration kits like the Dension range. Well we ordered the Cable Jive charge converter and tested it out and have done a video look at it in action. You can see the video after the break and see the results of the tests.

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