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Meet the Nokia 5800 touch screen phone

image Nokia launched the 5800 XpressMusic touch screen Symbian OS phone today, a mobile device for music that brings innovative new features to the mass market.  Delivering on Nokia’s vision to provide the best total music experience possible, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will be among the first devices to support Comes With Music, Nokia’s groundbreaking service which offers one year of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalogue. We have lots of videos after the break and I am unimpressed with the OS, check them out and see what you think.

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Zune software coming to Windows Mobile

image We have been talking about this for a long time and this is the first confirmation that we have heard from Microsoft that they intend to incorporate the Zune music playing capabilities into Windows Mobile devices. Steve Balmer speaking in an interview with CIO editor Martin Veitch said "At the end of the day, one of the big trends is that all content is going digital. And if we don’t have the software and services that are useful, helpful and valuable for the consumption of music and video, we are sort of not really a player. Now, we built the Zune hardware with the Zune software – and what you’ll see more and more over time is that the Zune software will also be ported to and be more important not just with the hardware but on the PC, on Windows Mobile devices, etc." Don’t expect this anytime soon though, my guess would be Windows Mobile 7 at the earliest.

via wmpoweruser and CIO

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Eten Glofiish V900 unboxed

The Glofiish V900 is one of the newest devices from Eten and joins the ranks as one of the few Windows Mobile devices with a built in DVB TV tuner!

I’ve played with a couple of the TV capable devices in the past and have found all of them to be rather disappointing. However, the V900 is somewhat different as the TV tuner actually works. Using it at the office in London I can actually pick up over 50 channels of digital freeview TV. I actually lost the phone for about a day while some of the chaps in the office watched Sky Sports News. Several argued that the V900 was worth its price tag for that feature alone!


The Eten Glofiish V900


John has been using the Glofiish V900 over the past few weeks and his review, which I hope will cover more features that just the TV tuner, will be online shortly.

As always, you can see more of the Eten Glofiish V900 in the unboxing video below:


Eten Glofiish V900 Unboxed


Eten Glofiish V900 specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Samsung 667 MHz CPU
  • ROM: 256MB
  • RAM: 128MB
  • 2.8" (480 x 640) TFT Touchscreen
  • GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850, UMTS1900, UMTS2100, CSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA
  • Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
  • USB 1.1 Client (mini-USB connecter)
  • WiFi
  • FM Radio Receiver
  • T-DMB/DAB/DVB-T/DVB-H tuner
  • TV-Out feature
  • MicroSDHC card slot
  • 3.1 Mega Pixel, VGA camera for Video telephony
  • SiRFStar III GPS
  • Removable Lithium-ion1530mAh battery
  • 60.5 x 106 x 17.5 millimetres
  • 147 grams


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Best software awards 2008

awards_page_header_2008 Pocketpcmag have published the awards for the best Smartphone and Pocket PC software for 2008. This is usually a pretty reliable list of whats hot. Scanning down it there are a few things that you might disagree with however these are decided upon for the masses. Worth looking at if you are thinking about picking up something and just can’t decide which incarnation to go with. Hit the link and have a look.

Update: Link corrected – Sorry 🙂

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What do you get for your Windows License?

010808_msftmoney The blogosphere is agape with articles today mocking Microsoft’s decision to keep licensing fees intact for its Windows Mobile operating system. With Nokia’s Symbian now available for free, as is Google’s Android platform, Microsoft must not be competing, right?

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T-Mobile G1 – Unboxed Photos

The guys over at TMONEWS have managed to get photos up of a G1 box and it’s contents.

g1-unboxing g1-unboxing-2 g1-unboxing-3 g1-unboxing-4

g1-unboxing-5 g1-unboxing-6 g1-unboxing-7 g1-unboxing-8

g1-unboxing-9 g1-unboxing-10 g1-unboxing-11 g1-unboxing-12

g1-unboxing-13 g1-unboxing-14 

As we can see from the photos the box design has been left simplistic and to be honest rather boring considering HTC are famous now for weird boxes what with the pyramid design and the slide one way pull the other boxes. Understandably this has been a T-Mobile slant on the box and the chances are the the official HTC version will be boxed very differently.

Inside the box, from the pictures, we see that there is the Phone, Wall Charger, Battery, Wired Headset, Data Cable, Carry Pouch and the usual CD’s / Literature.

One thing I will say is not to judge this book by it’s cover as I am sure the device itself will pack a few punches and surprise many of the techy people out there with just some of the things it can do.

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HTC Touch Cruise – Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade

image Well this one sure took a long long time to come out but at last some good news for the HTC Touch Cruise users out there. HTC have now announced the availability of the official Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade. About time too. You can download from the link here and HTC say "As always, HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience." We say don’t take so long next time!! More details after the break.

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Steve Ballmer dismisses Android

image In an interview with the BBC News channel in the UK Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised that Microsoft would take the battle to Google in search – and beat off any challenge in the field of mobile phone software. Last week saw the launch of the first phone based on Google’s open-source Android platform. But Mr Ballmer said an open-source solution would not be attractive to phone manufacturers, and predicted that Windows Mobile phones would stay ahead of Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone and Google Android in the smartphone market.

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Podcaster for jailbroken iPhones

image We have all read recently about Apple’s rejection of the Podcaster application because it was too similar to the core operations of the iPhone firmware, we even discussed this on the podcast, well they have now released it through the Cydia Installer application which you get if you jailbreak your iPhone. Mobile Tech Moment have done just that and posted a video of the application in action which we have after the break.

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T-Mobile G1 in pictures

As I said in my previous post, yesterday I managed to get my hands on the G1 briefly. Here are some more photos for you to look at. Click thumbnails to enlarge.


T-Mobile G1 – front view


g1_left g1_right

G1 left and right views


g1_bottom g1_open

G1 bottom view and keyboard open view


g1_vs_touch_pro1 g1_vs_touch_pro2

T-Mobile G1 vs HTC Touch Pro


g1_white g1_white_open

T-Mobile G1 white version


Obviously I’ll be trying to get my hands on the G1 to review in due course.

Oh and one tip for event organisers – funky coloured lighting may look cool, but can we have standard lighting somewhere for photos and video? 🙂


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