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Archos 5 information

Archos-sur-minidock Entering in the realm of the portable media player, it is only a matter of time before these devices meld with phones. Taking another step towards the amalgamation is Archos. Their players have been consistently excellent and for the next generation they will be jumping online with HSDPA. Read on for more information and a video review from

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Why the iPhone 3G drops calls

image Roughly Drafted Magazine claim to have been told by an inside source the reasons behind the much publicised problems of the iPhone 3G dropping calls which we discussed on our first podcast. The iPhone 2.0.2 update “fixed power control on the mobile,” the source told RoughlyDrafted. UMTS, the technology used to deliver the 3G network, refers to phones and other client devices as “UE” for user equipment, and the base transceiver station towers as “Node B.” Read on for the full explanation but makes sure you have your tech head on first.

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Mobility Today Podcast 122

image The Mobility Today podcast is available. If you use this and copy the address into your aggregator. Or you can use our Itunes feed here. You can also download direct by right clicking here Tonight Dave, Steve, Chris and Mike discuss the Palm Treo Pro and why it will be so successful.. and oh yeah the iPhone woes…. Show notes after the break.

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HTC Dream Aka G1, Android-Powered Handset Launch Date Confirmed

The HTC Dream aka G1 is the first handset of T-Mobile which is to run the Google Android as the operating system. There has been a little confusion about its launch date, but now it is confirmed on the Oct 13th.


HTC Dream

T-mobile is planning to take pre-orders from its online store as well, starting from the Oct 17th. Now, HTC Dream G1 has got some leaked images which have been floating around the Internet before the launch date. In the picture, the HTC Dream G1 handset seems to have a pretty unique design, which its bottom has a slight tilt and a trackball is found there too. But this adds extra length which tends to make it easily to poke out while it’s in the pocket.

The picture attached here doesn’t show you its QWERTY. But in fact, it’s got a QWERTY. It’s a slider, which slides to the side to reveal its QWERTY. The keys on the QWERTY are neatly spaced, which lets your fingers easily type along. At the back of this phone, you can see the words “With Google”. Apparently, the handset is to make use of the big name of Google to get itself more popular.


Google Android OS

T-mobile will offer this handset with pre-order price $199 after the instant rebate, and you’ll be bound with a 2-year contract. You’ll also need a GMail account to setup the HTC G1 handset. Since it runs on Android, do expect that it comes bundled with tons of Google services. What are known now are those common ones such as maps with Street View, You Tube, IM and text, Gmail.

Other goodies you can find on HTC Dream G1 handset are a 3 megapixel camera, video playback, music player, memory card slot and an application store. And it’s equipped with a huge touchscreen that is likely to rival the iPhone’s.


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Bluetooth advertising gets the green light

image The Mobile Marketing Association has published its guidelines for advertising pushed over Bluetooth connections, and considers anyone who hasn’t opted out to be fair game for spammers. The guidelines are now available for public review until 26 September, and take a distinct step beyond the UK’s Direct Marketing Association (DMA) rules in that they consider any handset left in "discoverable" mode to be implicitly giving permission for pushed adverts – something the DMA explicitly rejects.

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History of the BlackBerry Phone

image The BlackBerry phone is a wireless handheld device that was originally launched in 1997 as a two-way pager. The more commonly known BlackBerry we are accustomed to today, which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing, and other wireless information services was released in 2002. Developed and manufactured by Canadian telecommunications company Research in Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry delivers telecommunications over wireless data networks provided by mobile phone service companies, such as O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

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Treo Pro Review

Picture 1-61-tmTreocentral has upped a great review of the device of the moment, the Palm Treo Pro. Its a long long review and packs in a huge amount of detail. Dieter Bohn knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Windows Mobile and Treo’s, he has a voice to be listened to. "The Treo Pro is loaded with great features, including Tri-Band 3G and Quad-Band EDGE for worldwide, high speed data as well as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 320×320 Touchscreen, and the Treo’s signature front-facing QWERTY keyboard." Check out the full review at Treocentral.

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prod-shots-thumb If you do any photo editing, you know of Adobe Photoshop. I have owned Photoshop for years and cannot think of what I would do without it!  And, now, Adobe is launching Beta for Windows Mobile Devices. Only available for a select bunch of Windows Devices that do not include the AT&T Tilt / HTC TyTN II, however, one can safely assume that it is a matter of time before it makes its way to WinMo Pro Devices. None the less, I thought it worthy to post about to get us all green with envy for our other Windows Mobile Brothers who will be participating in the Beta Program.

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Documents to go for premium for Windows Mobile Professional

image A new version of DataViz Documents To Go has just been released for Windows Mobile Professional devices or the ones with touch screens if you like. Create, view and edit native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and the first and only commercially available mobile office suite to fully support (view, edit & create) Microsoft Office 2007/2008 files and attachments. Full details and a link to the trial after the break.

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Grab your eXpansys money-off voucher!

Expansys-LogoIf you missed our newsletter and eXpansys offer earlier this month then fear not! We’ve teamed up with eXpansys once again and we’ve a shed load more of £10 off £20 vouchers, valid at!

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NOTE: This offer has now come to an end.

If you’re not sure what to spend your voucher on then here are a few ideas:

Samsung i900 Omnia in stock – Windows Mobile 6.1 and 8GB storage
The Samsung i900 Omnia has a 3.5-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, WiFi and a 5-mega-pixel digital camera. Add 8GB in-built storage and you have a smartphone that is ideal for music as well!

NDrive G800 In-car GPS in stock
The NDrive G800 In-Car GPS is now in stock and has been worth the wait! You can now navigate with 3D real life picture images instead of using traditional maps.

MoGo Dapter – Bluetooth USB Dongle
The MoGo Dapter USB dongle adds Bluetooth v2.0 to your device, and is specifically designed for users who do not have embedded Bluetooth functionality on their laptop, tablet or UMPC and hate carrying around full-sized bulky adapters. Once you plug MoGo Dapter into your USB connector you do not need to unplug the unit during travel – as its mechanical design does not protrude
Now only £11.99 inc VAT

Celio Redfly – Now at a new lower price under £250
The Celio Redfly Mobile Companion connects to your Windows Mobile device with via USB or Bluetooth – and it changes the resolution of your smartphone display so that applications, web sites, email and attachments can be accessed on an 8-inch screen with a full size QWERTY keyboard and a mouse. Compatible with Windows Mobile 5 and 6, it offers over 8 hours of battery life.
Now only £249.99 inc VAT

Garmin Forerunner 50 + Foot Pod
The Garmin Forerunner 50 + Foot Pod is ideal for running, cycling and other fitness activities. The foot pod measures both stride rate (cadence) and stride length, which are extremely useful metrics to track when aspiring to become a more efficient runner.
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Acer v200 In-Car GPS – European mapping for under £100
The Acer v200 In-Car GPS  is thin and light, and will easily fit in your pocket once you have reached your destination. Complete European maps are pre-installed on the supplied SD card – no installation or activation is required, works straight out of the box. This is a great deal for the price.
Now only £98.70 inc VAT


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