By August 28, 2008

HTC Dream Aka G1, Android-Powered Handset Launch Date Confirmed

The HTC Dream aka G1 is the first handset of T-Mobile which is to run the Google Android as the operating system. There has been a little confusion about its launch date, but now it is confirmed on the Oct 13th.


HTC Dream

T-mobile is planning to take pre-orders from its online store as well, starting from the Oct 17th. Now, HTC Dream G1 has got some leaked images which have been floating around the Internet before the launch date. In the picture, the HTC Dream G1 handset seems to have a pretty unique design, which its bottom has a slight tilt and a trackball is found there too. But this adds extra length which tends to make it easily to poke out while it’s in the pocket.

The picture attached here doesn’t show you its QWERTY. But in fact, it’s got a QWERTY. It’s a slider, which slides to the side to reveal its QWERTY. The keys on the QWERTY are neatly spaced, which lets your fingers easily type along. At the back of this phone, you can see the words “With Google”. Apparently, the handset is to make use of the big name of Google to get itself more popular.


Google Android OS

T-mobile will offer this handset with pre-order price $199 after the instant rebate, and you’ll be bound with a 2-year contract. You’ll also need a GMail account to setup the HTC G1 handset. Since it runs on Android, do expect that it comes bundled with tons of Google services. What are known now are those common ones such as maps with Street View, You Tube, IM and text, Gmail.

Other goodies you can find on HTC Dream G1 handset are a 3 megapixel camera, video playback, music player, memory card slot and an application store. And it’s equipped with a huge touchscreen that is likely to rival the iPhone’s.


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