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iPhone goes on sale in UK

Apple’s iPhone goes on sale in the UK and Germany on Friday with thousands expected to snap up the device.

Here in London, nutters loyal Apple customers have begun queuing outside the Apple Store in Regent Street.

At the moment, however, the iPhone has been locked to work Only on the O2 Network.

The phones can be unlocked for use on other networks but this voids the warranty and could break the device if software updates from Apple are loaded.

As many as 250,000 users in the US have unlocked the device using free and paid-for software to make the phone work on different networks, and to load third-party software not supported by Apple.

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Quote courtesy of the BBC news.

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VITO AudioPlayer updated to version 1.16

VITO Technology releases a new version of VITO AudioPlayer. This easy-to-use Windows Mobile player runs swiftly and has the basic playback features.

VITO AudioPlayer

VITO AudioPlayer

VITO AudioPlayer has become closer to you as now it can be set as a default player. Now it is easier to access the player and play your favorite music with VITO AudioPlayer. Another feature added is that instead of multiple taps for rewinding a song you can just press-and-hold the right or left arrow on joystick to rewind or fast forward the recording.

VITO AudioPlayer has become even more user-friendly as it now pauses during the phone call and continues playing after it’s over. Smart enough, isn’t it? Besides, while playing audio files it doesn’t interrupt when stumbling over files with not supported audio format.

VITO AudioPlayer is available for $9.95 at

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Samsung announce the SGH-M4650 Multi Touch

Samsung Electronics is launching its first touch-screen, full Windows Mobile 6 Professional mobile phone.

Samsung said Sunday that it will start selling the M4650 “Multi-touch Phone” via LG Telecom. The handset has a 2.8-inch LCD screen which doubles as a keypad, which is smaller than iPhone’s 3.5-inch display and thus is used with a stylus pen.

While Samsung have dubbed the M4650 ‘Multi Touch’ it isn’t actually in the sense that we know it, you wont be able to press on more than one part of the screen at once. We can only assume that the are referring to the fact that you will be using the screen as a keypad when they say multi-touch.

Samsung M4650

Samsung M4650

“The smartphone market is getting bigger in other countries thanks to the development of the wireless Internet infrastructure,” Samsung company said in a release. “We hope that the Multi-Touch phone will stimulate the smartphone market in Korea as well.”

Phones with touch-sensitive screens are becoming ever more popular in the high-end market since the successful debut of the iPhone in the United States, where many people use it for listening to music, checking e-mails and for casual Web surfing.

Smartphones have been showered with so much praise and admiration that they may become the PC of next generation thanks to their mobility and wireless Internet capability. Apple was the first to implement the full-browsing Internet function into its iPhone. In an extravagant fashion, it was even lauded as the world’s best invention of the year by Time Magazine last week.

One innovation that we will see on the M4650 is the inclusion of haptic feedback on the screen. That is a tactile response when you touch the screen.

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Google announce gPhone – a software platform

After months of rumour and speculation about Google’s possible entry in to the mobile phone market they have today finally announced the gPhone but it’s not a piece of hardware or phone in its own right but rather an open software platform or “Open Handset Alliance” (OHA).

So far there are 34 members of the Alliance, including NVIDIA, Intel, Texas Instruments, Synaptics (haptics!), Marvell, Qualcomm (chips), Motorola, Samsung, TMO, Sprint, LG, HTC, KDDI and DOCOMO from Japan and China Mobile Comm. Corp. You’ll notice a number of companies missing from the list above: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry/RIM, Apple, Verizon, AT&T and, finally, Microsoft.

The first phones using the so-called Google “software stack” will be available in the second half of 2008.

“This is going to bring the internet into cell phones in a very cool way,” Andy Rubin, Google’s director of mobile platforms, told the Associated Press news agency.

Mr Rubin’s firm, called Android, was bought by Google in 2005 and the software it developed forms the basis of the new stack.

Google’s Android software will be provided to handset makers free of charge and could lead to a price war for operating system licenses and potentially cheaper handsets.

In the United States mobile networks such as Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile will carry the Google-powered phones.

Peter Chou, chief executive of HTC, said the agreement to join the OHA did not mean the firm would stop the use of other operating systems on its platforms.

“We do have commitments with some carriers and will continue with those lines,” he said.

We’ll bring you more gPhone news as we get it.

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ALK release CoPilot version 7

ALK, the people behind the fabulous CoPilot sat nav software have just released the latest version, v7, of CoPilot Live.

CoPilot Live 7

CoPilot Live 7

The award winning CoPilot Live 7 has arrived! With completely redesigned map views, a simpler user interface and the latest street maps – CoPilot Live is now better than ever.

Providing full-featured voice-guided satellite navigation onboard a mobile phone, CoPilot Live 7 offers the same performance and ease of use as a dedicated or in-dash system. Redesigned destination entry makes going to places simple, with step-by-step address entry, finger-touch buttons and predictive address matching. Frequently used features are quickly accessible such as changing the view, finding a detour or locating the nearest petrol station or car park.

The new 2D and 3D map views on CoPilot Live 7 enable drivers, cyclists or pedestrians to see their exact location and the way ahead clearly and easily using their mobile phones. As with all CoPilot navigation solutions, Driver Safety is the priority so by default a map is only shown close to a turn or junction, progressively zooming-in before returning to the non-distracting safety screen. Comprehensive voice directions are spoken at each turn, further removing the need to glance at the screen.

CoPilot Live 7 incorporates the latest street mapping and points of interest from NAVTEQ with streets of Western Europe accurate down to house number and 7 digit UK post code. Additional map regions are available to purchase and download from the supplied CoPilot Central desktop companion, including Eastern Europe, South Africa, Australia, Middle East and North America.

Now you can enjoy the same navigation experience on your Smartphone or PDA as you’d expect from a dedicated or in-dash system.


  • NEW! Smooth and clear 3D/2D maps, 3D Points of Interest Icons and choice of colour schemes
  • IMPROVED! Redesigned user interface with larger buttons, simplified destination entry and choice of keyboards
  • NEW! Route preview – review an entire trip before you set off.
  • NEW! Updated Points of Interest with ‘call a POI’ feature
  • NEW! walking, cycling and motorcycle routing options
  • NEW! Speech Engine- natural voice directions provide clear instructions in over 20 languages
  • NEW! CoPilot Central Desktop planning software
  • One Software Version: for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones
  • IMPROVED! The lastest NAVTEQ maps with updated full UK postcodes and additional world map options
  • IMPROVED! Real-time traffic service optionally available (certain regions only)
  • Head on over to the CoPilot Live website for more details.

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    EQO releases native WM verision their VoIP app.

    EQO Communications recently announced the release of a native Windows Mobile beta version of its mobile VoIP, text and IM application. EQO (pronounced “echo”) is a free mobile application that lets users call anywhere in the world for rates as low as 1.2 p/minute and also features inexpensive international text messages and free access to popular instant messaging services, including MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber. By developing a Windows Mobile native version of EQO, Windows Mobile smartphone users can enjoy a faster and more responsive mobile VoIP experience.

    EQO is already available on hundreds of device models and as of today is available as a native client for Windows Mobile versions 2003 and higher. This makes EQO available to the millions of Windows Mobile smartphones that have shipped worldwide (9 million in 2006 alone) on popular devices such as the HTC Touch, Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q,Palm 750w and HP iPAQ

    By using EQO, Windows Mobile smartphone users can now save up to 95% on international calls to landlines and mobile phones, and save up to 70% on international text messages. In addition, calls and texts exchanged between EQO users are free. Once the EQO application is downloaded, users can automatically import all of their existing contacts into their EQO phonebook. With EQO’s presence feature, users are able to see which of their contacts are online and who is available for a call, to receive a text or have a chat using EQO’s free IM feature.

    EQO is inviting all Windows Mobile enthusiasts to be part of the beta trial by signing up at .

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    JAVOedge release AlloyVision case for iPhone

    JAVOedge’s AlloyVision – Crystal Metal Case is a new hybrid case of clear PC plastic and metal. Clear in the front and solid aluminum in the back. This is the best case to show off the original look of your Apple iPhone while keeping it snug and protected.

    AlloyVison for iPhone

    AlloyVison for iPhone

    The perfect case, the perfect look! One of the best cases on the market today!

  • Stylish crystal clear front cover design to show off your devices’ natural look
  • Back cover is made of anodized aluminum that is strong yet lightweight (Colors available: Black, Silver, Red and Magenta.)
  • All functions are accessible via smart placement of openings
  • Interior is padded with a thin layer of foam that holds your device securely in place
  • Molded to contour your device perfectly
  • Swivel Belt Clip available
  • AlloyVision, the ultimate hybrid case! It combines the look of stylish clear cases with the protection of armor metal cases. Function is maintained with strategically placed cutouts. Special manufacturing molds are used to provide a tight fit and retain your devices’ form. When it comes to protecting your beautiful device, compromising between style and protection is not an option. Luckily with the JAVOedge AlloyVision crystal metal case, you won’t have to. Try our AlloyVision crystal metal case today!

    See more Apple iPhone accessories by

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    Polaroid launch new range of LCD TV’s

    Last night we attended a press event with Polaroid where we were introduced to their new Definia range of premium LCD TV’s

    I think that most people will be familiar with the Polaroid name but for most of us, myself included, the name conjures up images of instamatic cameras housed in grey plastic boxes. Few of us would make the connection between Polaroid and LCD TV’s.

    However, like myself, you may not have been aware of the fact that Edwin H. Land, founder of Polaroid, invented the polarising filters that are essential to LCD technology and that are present in every LCD product made. So, based on the trivia, Polaroid certainly have the ‘right’ to be part of this market and have some impressive sales figures to prove it.

    Polaroid are already ranked number 5 in LCD TVshipments in North America and #10 in Europe. They are also #7 ranked brand in all video and imaging worldwide.

    In actual fact Polaroid have been selling LCD TV’s here in the UK for just over a year and their TLU range has been selling exceptionally well on the high street, to the point where they cant make enough of them!

    Enter the Polaroid Definia. Available in 32″, 37″ or 42″ varieties, the Definia is the name of the premium range of LCD TV’s that Polaroid released on sale just last week. Last night gave us the chance to get hands-on with the products and see what they were capable of.

    Polaroid Definia TV

    Polaroid Definia

    Polaroid have thrown away all preconceived manufacturing ideas and concepts with the Definia range and really invested time and research into what the customer wants and needs from an LCD TV. The thing that first strikes you when looking at the Definia is that unlike almost ever other LCD and Plasma TV out there the frame surrounding the screen isn’t a high gloss plastic but is a semi-matt finish. While this seems a little strange to begin with it does give the unit a classy look and feel. However, there is a better reason for doing this: Glossy frames cause reflection and glare which distract you from the viewing experience. When this was demonstrated in a dimly lit room with lights outside it becomes clear that this was definitely a wise decision. The matt finish also means that fingerprints don’t show – great news for parents!

    Polaroid have also put a lot of effort in to the speaker bar included with the Definia. Typically LCD TV’s have rather poor internal speakers. This is because the slim cabinet design of an LCD limits the size and type of speaker that can be utilised. Polaroid have addressed this by using very high quality air suspended loudspeaker units. These are the same type that you would find in fairly high-end HiFi equipment.

    Also on the audio side is the AVC (Automatic Volume Control). This normalises the volume level and stops you getting deafened by those irritating commercials between programmes!

    Polaroid Definia

    Polaroid Definia

    The Definia range also boasts a number of features that you would typically expect to find only on high-end LCD’s. For example you get 2 HDMI sockets, a raft of Scart sockets, component sockets, digital optical in and out connections and also a CI slot on the rear which will accept smartcard readers for pay per view services as and when they become available.

    The Eco-aware among us will be pleased to see that the Definia also includes a proper and easily accessible on/off switch which means that you don’t have to leave the unit in standby.

    I have to say that, although we were only able to get hands on with the 32″ Definia for a short time, I was rather impressed. This is an HD ready display, has a good contrast ratio and brightness and the sound quality is truly brilliant from such small speakers. Frankly, the Definia puts my two year old top-of-the-range plasma TV to shame!

    If you are looking for a new LCD TV then the Polaroid Definia is definitely worth a closer look, especially when you consider that the 32″ Definia costs under £500, the same price that you would expect to pay for mediocre, no-name LCD’s on the high street.

    Polaroid Definia TV Specification:

    • Resolution: 1336 x 768
    • Brightness: 500 cd/m2
    • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
    • Response Time: 8 ms
    • Viewing Angle: 170 x 170
    • 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio
    • 2HDMI inputs
    • 3D Comb filter with motion adaptation
    • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
    • Wide-Range Stereo Speakers
    • Detachable Speakers with Dedicated Subwoofer Output
    • 2 SCART inputs
    • Component video input (YPbPr)
    • S-Video input
    • Composite video input
    • Coaxial RF input
    • VGA (D-sub) input
    • CI slot
    • Audio inputs
    • Composite A/V output
    • Optical SPDIF output
    • With TV Stands & Speakers 722.5 x 947 x 240mm (HxWxD), 30.5kg

    You can find out more about Polaroid and the Definia range on the dedicated website launched today:

    We are hoping to bring you a detailed review of one of Polaroid’s Definia LCD TV’s in the near future but also keep your eyes peeled for news on other Polaroid products coming soon!

    EDIT: Our 37″ Definia review is now online HERE.

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    Orange announce new ad campaign

    Today Orange announced the launch of its new advertising campaign ‘Good things should never end’ to highlight it’s unlimited offerings on pay as you go and pay monthly mobile plans.

    The £6 million campaign will run for 12 weeks over TV, outdoor, online, press and in all 343 Orange retail stores across the country.

    The TV campaign ‘Good things should never end’ shows people creating a never ending rainbow that goes on and on across an entire city, expressing the ‘unlimited’ product benefits across both pay monthly and pay as you go offers. The creative route of ‘never-ending rainbow’ will be integrated in all campaign executions. The TV execution was created by Fallon London.

    The world’s first ‘unlimited’ web page has been created by digital agency Poke with never ending web content including weird interactive oddities, mini-games, downloads, giveaways, toys and mobile goodies. The website features a never ending strand of rainbow that guides the user down the page.

    ‘Good things should never end’ will also feature an innovative digital interactive TV ad that invites viewers into an Orange ‘world’ where they can find out about lots of exciting Orange offers and competitions including BAFTA & Mobile Act tickets, handset giveaways and a secret competition to win a paid for phone contract for 12 months.

    Orange launched its successful unlimited offers earlier this year including Unlimited Talk & Text on pay monthly and unlimited text on pay as you go.

    Justin Billinglsey, Director of Brand Marketing, Orange UK said: “The belief that ‘good things should never end’ is a simple but powerful one and our new campaign brings this to life in a creative and engaging way. Orange brings people closer together, and with our unlimited offers you get that little extra freedom to contact who you want, when you want.”

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