By November 7, 2007

Samsung announce the SGH-M4650 Multi Touch

Samsung Electronics is launching its first touch-screen, full Windows Mobile 6 Professional mobile phone.

Samsung said Sunday that it will start selling the M4650 “Multi-touch Phone” via LG Telecom. The handset has a 2.8-inch LCD screen which doubles as a keypad, which is smaller than iPhone’s 3.5-inch display and thus is used with a stylus pen.

While Samsung have dubbed the M4650 ‘Multi Touch’ it isn’t actually in the sense that we know it, you wont be able to press on more than one part of the screen at once. We can only assume that the are referring to the fact that you will be using the screen as a keypad when they say multi-touch.

Samsung M4650

Samsung M4650

“The smartphone market is getting bigger in other countries thanks to the development of the wireless Internet infrastructure,” Samsung company said in a release. “We hope that the Multi-Touch phone will stimulate the smartphone market in Korea as well.”

Phones with touch-sensitive screens are becoming ever more popular in the high-end market since the successful debut of the iPhone in the United States, where many people use it for listening to music, checking e-mails and for casual Web surfing.

Smartphones have been showered with so much praise and admiration that they may become the PC of next generation thanks to their mobility and wireless Internet capability. Apple was the first to implement the full-browsing Internet function into its iPhone. In an extravagant fashion, it was even lauded as the world’s best invention of the year by Time Magazine last week.

One innovation that we will see on the M4650 is the inclusion of haptic feedback on the screen. That is a tactile response when you touch the screen.

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