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Orange SPV M700 colour issue

Edit: Our Orange SPV M700 review is now online!

A number of our readers have been in touch to ask about the differences between the Black and the White SPV M700 and why they are unable to buy the colour they want.

First of all let’s clear up the question of ordering. The white M700 is for consumer customers whereas the black one is only available to business customers. That said, if you speak to the right people at Orange when you want to upgrade, and if you are persistent you should be able to get the colour that you want. Don’t let them tell you that the colour you want does not exist!

Secondly, there is NO difference between the black and the white SPV M700 other than the colour. Again, some of you have been in touch having been told by Orange customer services that the white device doesn’t have GPS but that the black one does. Let me assure everyone that both have built in GPS but that there is no control panel or settings that would give away this fact. Orange are really unable to offer any support with the GPS at this time so if you are having problems I would urge you to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you!


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T-Mobile Ameo

The T-Mobile Ameo launched, fairly quietly, last week and gradually reviews are appearing on the web.

T-mobile Ameo

Gears over at CoolSmartphone managed to get his hands on an Ameo and has posted up some nice images of the device (as above) along with his initial thoughts.

The screen is huge and you cannot help but feel the resolution is wrong.

Inputting your entry passcode sees the stylus traverse most of the screen. Web pages are easier to read.

Battery life is better than expected, more time and use will clarify if this early judgement is valid. USB device charging seems to be slower than the included mains charger.

Check out what else Gears has to say along with the rest of the photos HERE.

The Ameo is available to buy now from T-Mobile UK.


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DSL Router with 3G HSDPA Backup

Sarian Systems has announced the launch of the first enterprise router to offer compatibility with both the very latest broadband networks and HSDPA, 3G, EDGE and GPRS mobile networks.

DR6000 Series Router

The DR6000 Series, which is designed for enterprise use and can be offered as part of a service provider’s managed service, provides future-proof, high-speed broadband, and is fully compatible with all ADSL, ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ broadband services. In addition, the router can be equipped with built-in automatic failover to wireless networks – including HSDPA – to ensure business continuity in the event of a wired connection failure.

While the battle to secure new broadband customers continues to rage – with many mobile operators now offering their own broadband packages – a large number of businesses are still reluctant to migrate due to concerns about day-to-day performance and reliability. The DR6000 Series helps remedy these issues by offering service level agreement (SLA) policing, whereby the router is able to log and record details about real-time broadband performance. For the enterprise, this means that it is possible to tell whether the service provider is meeting the SLA; for the provider, the router can be configured to give advance notification in the event of any performance issues, so that immediate action can be taken to resolve them.

“While most companies recognise the benefits of broadband, there’s still continued anxiety over its reliability, which is proving to be a major barrier for broadband service providers,” said Andy Hood, managing director at Sarian Systems. “By incorporating the DR6000 Series into their broadband offering, service providers will not only be able to respond to user issues at greater speed, but they’ll be able to overcome one of the biggest barriers to broadband adoption, by demonstrating that they can provide accurate, trustworthy and transparent SLAs.”

The DR6000’s multiple serial ports make it capable of supporting legacy serial devices including point of sale terminals and telemetry devices and is compatible with all known future ADSL updates, with a physical download capability of more than 50Mbits/s as networks advance.

The router is also able to effectively migrate ISDN users over to ADSL, without upgrading their existing ISDN lines, whilst the integration of an HSDPA compatible GSM module means that with the DR6000 Series even bandwidth-hungry business applications will continue functioning if the broadband connection fails.

“It’s vitally important that organisations have a viable business continuity strategy – if their mission-critical systems go down, it can mean saying goodbye to both sales and customers,” continued Hood. “The DR6000 Series provides peace of mind, offering multiple back-up options so that communication is never compromised. In fact, such is the speed and reliability of HSDPA that in the event of a fixed line failure, companies probably won’t even notice any degradation in performance.”

As with all Sarian products, the new router contains several unique security and redundancy features to ensure the smooth running of mission-critical communications. These include dual SIM card slots to provide automatic failover in the event of mobile coverage issues and the ability to simultaneously transmit data while monitoring/controlling real-time router performance, so that business-critical data transfer is not interrupted. As it is built on Sarian’s own operating system, SAR/OS, the DR6000 Series can also be customised to support bespoke business applications.

The DR6000 Series is available worldwide, from Sarian partners or direct from Sarian. Prices start at approximately 500 GBP per unit.


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Toshiba G900 preorder

The folks at Clove Technology have been in touch with me again to let me know that the Toshiba Portege G900 is now available to preorder on their website.

Toshiba G900

Whilst the final price and specification of the G900 yet to be announced you can preorder it now for £445 (+VAT). Delivery is expected at the end of May/early June.

With it’s large WVGA screen and finger print reader, the Toshiba G900 looks ike being a cool little device.

If you take business on the move seriously and you want to keep ahead, you’ll find the Portégé G900 gives you more control over the way you work. One of the first devices to use the new Windows Mobile 6 operating system and with a range of exceptional features, the G900 is first class for business travel.

Toshiba G900 Features

  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Full Keyboard
  • 3-inch wide colour W-VGA display
  • Read and write access to a USB flash memory device
  • Full connectivity with Triband, HSDPA, 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth, WiFi and USB
  • 2 mega pixel camera
  • Secondary camera for video telephony
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    Qtek 8500 review

    Regular readers may remember the competition we held back in December where we gave away about 40 different prizes in the run up to Christmas. One of those prizes was a Qtek 8500 (aka HTC StrTrk) which was won by Mark.

    Mark decided to write a review of the Qtek 8500 and sent it over to me. So without further ado, here is Marks review:

    Having won the 12 days of Christmas Qtek 8500 prize, I thought I’d write a short (but belated) review of the device, as a thank you to the site.

    Qtek 8500

    The HTC Star trek was one of the more eagerly anticipated Windows Mobile Smartphones, and was probably given more web-forum time than many other devices before or since. The HTC Star Trek is also known as the Qtek 8500 or the I-Mate Smartflip. The prize itself and the basis for review is the Qtek 8500. This new device from HTC has a fairly recognizable slick design and unique looking keypad, which at the time was exclusive to the model.

    Qtek 8500 keypad

    The first impression you get of this device is somehow strange. Although the 8500 has a wide keypad, it’s not actually that easy to type out a SMS with one hand. The keypad is, if anything, too big! Unfortunately the flat buttons also ensure that you cannot type blindly. This is not a good phone for speed texting!

    Another bad point to get out of the way first is the lack of mini-usb. This phone has a new plug type which I don’t believe has a name. I’ve certainly not seen it before, and it’s a real shame that HTC have gone proprietary with this device. I’m not sure if this is down to space or just an attempt at yet another ‘standard’.

    Qtek 8500 Connector Qtek 8500 Connector

    The phone is also limited to a 64MB ROM, which nowadays is a bit old school. However, the phone does perform well regardless. Having used a Smartphone right from the original Orange SPV, I’m well used to the “features” of certain Smartphone’s, but didn’t experience any lockups or slowdowns with the Qtek.

    It actually seems a fairly well built bit of kit, and I’d certainly be hopeful of it surviving a clumsy butter-fingers moment!


    The camera is 1.3 Megapixels in terms of quality, but don’t expect miracles. I’m not all that surprised – Smartphone’s aren’t known for their camera quality and in such a small frame, it was never going to be great. The standard “version 2” HTC camera app is included, and as usual, is jam packed full of features, many of which are missing from ‘dumb phones’. The various features and modes can help improve the photos taken, and a video mode is available, should you feel the need to take pointless clips for YouTube 😉 The photos themselves are stored in JPG format, the videos being MP4. The camera mode is also automatically suspended if not used, to save on battery life.

    Qtek 8500 Camera

    External Screen

    Under the camera we find a rarity on a Smartphone – an external screen, on which all kinds of information can be shown. As well as a copy of the top status bar, the screen also gives you the time and date, and status of any incoming messages. Media player can also be controlled via the screen and external buttons. Finally the screen is also used as a ‘mirror’ when taking self pics with the clamshell closed. The screen is genuinely useful, and a really good addition to clamshell Smartphone’s. There are some slight bugbears with it – for example the screens seem to be locked together – if you press an external button to turn the external screen on, the internal screen will also light up. I’m not sure why, but it’s a bit of a battery waste.

    Qtek 8500

    Internal screen
    The internal layout of the open clamshell is pretty standard – large screen up top, buttons down the bottom. The internal QVGA Screen is actually very impressive. Colours seem really vivid, and it’s one of the best screens I’ve seen on a Smartphone. Closing the shell, the springs fire the two sides back together, with two rubber grips used to lessen the bump somewhat.


    OK, let’s get the good point out of the way – the keypad does look good. However, it’s really hard to use! It’s actually too big to use properly, even typing numbers is taxing using one hand, and SMS is really hard work, not just because of the size – but the age old thin-phone problem of a flat keypad. It’s not tactile, so blind texting is a no no.
    Other than that, the keyboard is Smartphone standard – with two soft keys either side, and the normal Home and Back keys.

    Qtek 8500 keypad

    It’s also worth noting that the keypad is automatically locked when the shell is closed.

    The sides of the phone are home to the volume controls, and a camera button. The flat-Mini USB port is also located on the side. The new style plug is a pain for any Smartphone veterans – yet another set of cables to source and buy.

    Qtek 8500 Buttons Qtek 8500 Buttons

    This device very quick! I’ve used a large variety of different Smartphone’s, and this is right up there, if not the fastest I’ve used. This was surprising for me, as the phone only comes with 64mb ROM and a 200 MHz processor. Changing between applications is very fast and by starting up several applications at once, and really pushing it, the phone still copes admirably. The processor seems to work very well, even with applications which perhaps take up a greater percentage of resources, such as the camera. Equally the phone functions also perform well.

    Memory Card Slot
    The phone takes micro-sd, which again, appears to be a new, but fairly common standard. Unfortunately once again the card slot is located under the battery. I believe micro-sd cards are now available up to 4gig, making this a great mp3 player replacement.

    Qtek 8500 insides

    Speaker and hands free
    The speaker is pretty good really. As a veteran used to the problems with the Orange SPV E200 for example, most speakers are passable (!), but it is really clear and I was perfectly happy with it.

    The headset again, is pretty much HTC standard, but with the annoying flat-mini-usb connector. It’s low cost and feels cheap, but works as well as any other Smartphone hands free.

    The phone looks great. While there are still problems (its size is still too big), its brought Smartphone’s a lot closer to being “cool” in the Nokia-fans sense of the word. Whether you think that is a good or bad thing, I guess is up to you.

    Qtek 8500 half open

    The battery is rated to 750mAh and really does an excellent job. Compared with other devices I’ve used – it lasts ages, I guess due to the fact keys don’t get knocked, and when not used, the screen stays off. Obviously turning on Bluetooth/GPRS and using the phone functions does limit the battery life, but I was still very surprised at how long it took to discharge, as the battery is so small.

    As far as I can tell, the software is completely HTC standard, and Qtek have added nothing to the ROM. Outlook and Activesync is included as normal on an accompanying cd, but software wise, the package is rather limited.

    Positive points

  • Very fast
  • Very flat!
  • External screen
  • “Cool” look
  • Bluetooth present
  • Good multimedia properties
  • Great battery life
  • Negative

  • No Wi-Fi
  • Strange connection, non Mini-USB
  • Micro-SD card is under the battery
  • Only 64mb memory
  • Conclusion
    It’s a great phone, and a great prize. While it has its problems – the usb connector being a MASSIVE inconvenience, it look good, lasts days without charge, and feels expensive, and well built. I’m really quite surprised that the device isn’t more popular. Maybe this one passed under the noses of a lot of the Smartphone community, since it didn’t get an operator branding in some major markets? Available now from eXpansys.


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    More HTC Kaiser pictures

    Some new images of the HTC Kaiser (HTC P4550) have appeared on Mobile Life.

    HTC Kaiser

    The new images, as above, show the tilt and slide mechanism in action as well as some angles of the device that have not previously been seen.

    HTC Kaiser (P4550) specification:

    • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
    • 2.8″ QVGA LCD Touchscreen
    • 256 MB ROM – 128MB RAM
    • Qualcomm 400MHz CPU
    • GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS800, UMTS850, UMTS1900, UMTS2100
    • 802.11b/g WiFi
    • Built-in spring-loaded QWERTY-type keyboard
    • microSD memory card slot
    • Bluetooth 2
    • 3.0 megapixel auto-focus camera
    • AGPS
    • USB 2.0
    • 58 x 110 x 18mm
    • 160 grams

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    New Orange SPV E650 photos

    I know that a lot of you are excited by the prospect of the Orange SPV E650 (aka HTC Vox) which is expected to go on sale sometime in April 2007.

    Our friends over at CoolSmartphone have managed to get their hands on some official photos of the E650 which you might like to check out.

    Orange SPV E650

    Orange SPV E650 Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone
  • TI OMAP 850 CPU @ 200Mhz
  • Quad Band EDGE/GSM (No 3G!)
  • 2.4″ QVGA 240 x 320 screen
  • 96Mb RAM, 128Mb ROM
  • Bluetooth 2
  • Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 18mm
  • USB and WiFi (802.11b/g)
  • ‘Spring Loaded’ Qwerty keyboard
  • 2MP Camera
  • 5 way jog bar
  • MicroSD card slot
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    CamerAware Podcast interview

    There are a lot of devices out there that use external bluetooth GPS or, as is becoming more common, have GPS built in.

    We have been trying out CamerAware from MoDaCo for a while now and have been very impressed with it therefore I’m calling this the must-have application for GPS enabled devices.

    CamerAware Screenshot

    To better explain what CamerAware is all about we decided to go direct to the source and interview Paul O’Brien, the creator of CamerAware. In the Podcast, Paul tells you a little about MoDaCo and some of the features of his CamerAware product as well as giving you a little taster as to what to expect from the application in the future.

    This is our first ever Podcast so please let us know what you think. If the concept proves to be popular then we have some other ideas for future podcasts. We welcome your feedback.

    You can download the podcast directly using this link or you can add THIS LINK to your iTunes or other podcast software to download this and future podcasts!

    You can find out more about CamerAware on the MoDaCo network.

    Incredibly, CamerAware costs just £19.99 (£9.99 to MoDaCo Plus members) to purchase outright and registered users qualify for lifetime updates.

    Special thanks go to our interviewer, Nick Reynolds, who is a professional interviewer and Podcaster and to Paul for allowing us to interview him!

    CamerAware Podcast interview

    If you enjoyed this podcast, or even if you didn’t, you might like to check out our Orange SPV M700 podcast.


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    JAVOskin case now for HTC Excalibur devices

    Looking for a case for your HTC S620, Orange SPV E600 or T-Mobile MDA Mail device? Look no further! JAVOedge have just added a new JAVOskin case to their range for HTC Excalibur based devices.

    JAVOSkin excalibur

    These JAVOskin cases are available in Frosted White, Solar Grey and Bronze. Costing just $23.95 (about £13) they are an ideal and inexpensive way to protect your valuable device investment.

    Check out the product page HERE.

    Product Description
    EAD coating treatment enhanced! EAD (Enhanced Anti Dust) coating gives the
    JAVOSkin case a softer surface to grab and significantly reduce dust which would
    accumulate on the surface.

    JAVOedge’s innovative JAVOSkin is designed to protect your device from scratch and impact damage while retaining the sleek look of your device. It features strategically placed cut-outs to allow maximum usability. With these cut-outs, using the case would feel as though the case wasn’t on the device at all! JAVOSkin is easy on your hands with it’s soft texture. Made out of specially blended silicon materials, it can stretch and flex to cushion your device from hard bumps and falls. With this low-profile case, you get the best of both worlds. It will remain fully usable, stylish and protected.

    JAVOSkin is the smart way to protect your device!

    Key Features

  • Treated with EAD coating making the JAVOSkin softer to grab and not as dust prone.
  • Low-profile, adding no more than 1 millimeter (0.04″) to your devices’ size.
  • Flexible, stretches to contour your device.
  • Strategically placed cut-outs to allow full functionality of your device while in the JAVOSkin.
  • Soft, anti-slip texture allows great grip of your device.
  • Made out of a special blend of silicon material for durability which protects against bumps and scratches.
  • 100% washable and tear-reluctant; never losing the original quality of your JAVOSkin.
  • Equipped with a subtle strap hole for use with a lanyard (included).
  • Easy to use detachable belt clip (use is optional).
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    HTC S710 preorder at Clove

    Once again our friends at Clove Technology are offering a new HTC device on preorder. This time it’s the HTC S710 aka HTC Vox.

    HTC Vox (S710)

    Combining a sliding keyboard with a numeric pad, all in a compact smartphone form-factor, the HTC S710 looks like being an extremely popular device. To ensure that you get yours promptly you preorder the S710 from Clove Technology for just £249.

    Practical and versatile, the HTC S710 is an ideal business and pleasure device. Armed with an array of connection options, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you stay connected to the world. Also, slide out the full keyboard to make typing messages a snap. Take quality pictures and video with the 2.0 megapixel camera and view them on the large 2.4 screen. The features are endless with the HTC S710.


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