By March 23, 2007

T-Mobile Ameo

The T-Mobile Ameo launched, fairly quietly, last week and gradually reviews are appearing on the web.

T-mobile Ameo

Gears over at CoolSmartphone managed to get his hands on an Ameo and has posted up some nice images of the device (as above) along with his initial thoughts.

The screen is huge and you cannot help but feel the resolution is wrong.

Inputting your entry passcode sees the stylus traverse most of the screen. Web pages are easier to read.

Battery life is better than expected, more time and use will clarify if this early judgement is valid. USB device charging seems to be slower than the included mains charger.

Check out what else Gears has to say along with the rest of the photos HERE.

The Ameo is available to buy now from T-Mobile UK.


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