By March 23, 2007

DSL Router with 3G HSDPA Backup

Sarian Systems has announced the launch of the first enterprise router to offer compatibility with both the very latest broadband networks and HSDPA, 3G, EDGE and GPRS mobile networks.

DR6000 Series Router

The DR6000 Series, which is designed for enterprise use and can be offered as part of a service provider’s managed service, provides future-proof, high-speed broadband, and is fully compatible with all ADSL, ADSL 2 and ADSL 2+ broadband services. In addition, the router can be equipped with built-in automatic failover to wireless networks – including HSDPA – to ensure business continuity in the event of a wired connection failure.

While the battle to secure new broadband customers continues to rage – with many mobile operators now offering their own broadband packages – a large number of businesses are still reluctant to migrate due to concerns about day-to-day performance and reliability. The DR6000 Series helps remedy these issues by offering service level agreement (SLA) policing, whereby the router is able to log and record details about real-time broadband performance. For the enterprise, this means that it is possible to tell whether the service provider is meeting the SLA; for the provider, the router can be configured to give advance notification in the event of any performance issues, so that immediate action can be taken to resolve them.

“While most companies recognise the benefits of broadband, there’s still continued anxiety over its reliability, which is proving to be a major barrier for broadband service providers,” said Andy Hood, managing director at Sarian Systems. “By incorporating the DR6000 Series into their broadband offering, service providers will not only be able to respond to user issues at greater speed, but they’ll be able to overcome one of the biggest barriers to broadband adoption, by demonstrating that they can provide accurate, trustworthy and transparent SLAs.”

The DR6000’s multiple serial ports make it capable of supporting legacy serial devices including point of sale terminals and telemetry devices and is compatible with all known future ADSL updates, with a physical download capability of more than 50Mbits/s as networks advance.

The router is also able to effectively migrate ISDN users over to ADSL, without upgrading their existing ISDN lines, whilst the integration of an HSDPA compatible GSM module means that with the DR6000 Series even bandwidth-hungry business applications will continue functioning if the broadband connection fails.

“It’s vitally important that organisations have a viable business continuity strategy – if their mission-critical systems go down, it can mean saying goodbye to both sales and customers,” continued Hood. “The DR6000 Series provides peace of mind, offering multiple back-up options so that communication is never compromised. In fact, such is the speed and reliability of HSDPA that in the event of a fixed line failure, companies probably won’t even notice any degradation in performance.”

As with all Sarian products, the new router contains several unique security and redundancy features to ensure the smooth running of mission-critical communications. These include dual SIM card slots to provide automatic failover in the event of mobile coverage issues and the ability to simultaneously transmit data while monitoring/controlling real-time router performance, so that business-critical data transfer is not interrupted. As it is built on Sarian’s own operating system, SAR/OS, the DR6000 Series can also be customised to support bespoke business applications.

The DR6000 Series is available worldwide, from Sarian partners or direct from Sarian. Prices start at approximately 500 GBP per unit.


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