By April 23, 2009

Yowza!! for iPhone released by actor from Heroes


What is so special about this app? It is an iPhone app released by a company owned by Greg Grunberg, who is an actor from popular “Heroes” TV series (about mutants with superpowers).

Here is how this app looks like:


What it is? It’s an app that let’s you find best deals in vicinity (now: USA only, but they want to expand to other countries soon). A quote from the description:

Yowza!! is savings in your pocket—literally. You spent a pretty penny on your iPhone or iPod touch to own the very best, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend more than you absolutely have to on anything else (even the app itself is FREE). Yowza!! is here to help you out with that no matter where you are or what you need. We’ve got deals on everything from a nice new outfit to a lovely satisfying dinner.

Load Yowza!! on your iPhone or iPod touch and, as soon as you launch it, it goes about finding deals in your geographic area—from as close as within a mile of you or as far as 15 miles away.

Commentary: we are slowly approaching times when not only each music band and movie has its own iPhone app, but also when every celebrity has its own app! A celebrity? There’s an app for that! Not that we are complaining – a Jennifer Aniston app could come in handy…

Get it here (FREE)

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