By January 26, 2010

Yet another app about Mobile World Congress released

Mobile World Congress is the biggest most important event about cell phones. It takes place in European Union, in a warm country and at the seaside. Previously it was in Cannes, France and now it is in Barcelona, Spain. However one must point out that it is an event for professionals – mostly employees and managers from mobile operators and entry costs thousands of Euros and apart from cellphones itself also cellular network infrastructure is covered… so in fact it is a very professional event and if you don’t wear a suit you are confused for a homeless bum and asked out.

Previously we were reporting about the first iPhone app about Mobile World Congress and here comes the second one (we tried it! while it was constantly crashing over WiFi, it worked fine over cellular network strangely):

Get TweetMWC for instant news at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

TweetMWC is the easiest way to use Twitter for following what is happening at Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2010 in no click.

– Just install the free app on your phone to get edited newsflashes throughout the show.

– No registration needed. Simply install TweetMWC and you’re ready-to-go.

– But if you’re already a twitterer … you’ll be able to send tweets as well.

Connection to the twitter server may be banned in 3G depending on your operator and settings. In such case, please use TweetMWC over wifi. The problem will be fixed in the next version.

Conclusion: this app is no biggy – just a list of tweets about Mobile World Congress + possibility to post tweets from within of this app. However the focus on Mobile World Congress + the fact that developer is cooking new version to be released soon, means that if you go this event or if you are interested in this magnificent event, then you should get this app!

Get it here (price: FREE):

* * * * *

Apart from iPhone, you might be interested also in Windows Mobile phones!

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