By August 30, 2008

Xperia X1 what is going on

image When this device was announced way back in February this year it looked like this could be the phone to have in your pocket, great enhancements to Windows Mobile 6.1 matched with great specifications. Now nearly 7 months later it is looking increasingly likely that we will not be seeing this device at all this year or ever for that matter. According to Engadget who were talking with a Sony Ericsson representative at the IFA show the device will be delayed until December 2008 at the earliest.

image To blame apparently is the software, specifically Windows Mobile 6.1 (or perhaps SE’s implementation of it), which appeared to be actively destroying the display units Sony had on display at IFA, of the three devices, one had some green status lights, one didn’t work at all, and one turned on briefly, only to crash and never return again. We have seen videos of the tiles and overlays before and none of them have looked very impressive so what the heck is going on. If Sony Ericsson do not get this device out soon they will have totally missed the boat as each day that passes the spec’s of this one become more out of date.

If Windows Mobile 7 is set for launch early next year then surely releasing this phone with Windows Mobile 6.1 in early 2009 would be a major error and they would be better off scrapping it now and work on a new version for the launch of WM7.

via Engadget

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