By September 30, 2008

Xperia X1 showcase video and Q&A

I would like to present a couple of videos taken from the recent press launch at the newly opened Sony Ericsson Headquarters, Lund, Sweden on the 25th September 2008.

I need to point out that the Q&A video is very much a high level or corporate view of the management thoughts about the future.
Also that there is not a lot to be gained from it for the WM enthusiast.

Sony Ericsson Q&A session

Of more interest will be the X1 Demo, by Magnus, the man himself.

Grab a coffee, put your feet up and take note of the features, including that there is no accelerometer,  but also confirmed that it will come with 384 MB RAM, on top of this there is to be an SDK release to develop and enhance the ‘panels’ concept, the impression is that SE are welcoming development and ideas from individuals as well as Third Party companies to the point that of the 9 panels 8 of them are customisable.

Apologies for the quality, which is not too bad but certainly not professional  quality. It is the whole view of the unit and takes approximately 43 mins!

Magnus Andersson presents the Xperia X1

Once again, we are hoping to get our units shortly and bring you the unboxing and review as soon as possible.


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