By January 21, 2011

Woman Sues Mall after CCTV captures her falling in fountain

image7264994g Ok this isn’t the kind of story you would normally get from us but when I saw this on CBS News it made ma laugh so much I had to share!

The woman was walking through the mall where she works texting on her phone as she went, not looking where she was going falls head first in to one of the mall fountains. This was all captured from more than one CCTV camera and the security guards monitoring found it so funny that they decided to post the video online.

Now the woman as come forward and is threatening to sue the mall as she claims that the security folks should have come to her rescue more rapidly and should also not have released the video. Not sure why she feels that the mall is negligent for her own daft mistake but what makes this story funnier, I think, is that no one even knew who the wamon in the video was until she came forward and now she is claiming that she is embarrassed! LOL

Video after the break.


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