By March 3, 2009

Woman finds phone in bag of chips, completely overreacts


In the US, there is a chain of stores known as Aldi. Aldi specializes in selling off brand food in large packages at very cheap prices. Recently a woman in Wisconsin  bought a bag of chips (crisps for our English readers) at an Aldi, and got a surprise. In the bag she found an old used cell phone, for the record it was a Nokia, but it doesn’t really matter. Her reaction is probably the most interesting thing about the situation. This poor lady over completely overreacted, instead of tossing out the offending bag, or returning it to the store, she filed a complaint with the FDA.

Now I know that finding anything inside a bag of chips, besides the chips themselves, can be unappetizing, but it isn’t like she found a severed finger or a mouse carcass in there. I really don’t think wayward electronics in food is that big a problem in the United States. In fact out of the hundreds of millions of pounds of food consumed in the US every week, and this is the first time I have ever heard of an incident like this happening.

One other thing to think about is where this phone came from. It probably slipped out of the pocket of some poor factory worker. Someone who probably doesn’t make a lot of money. These days, when household budgets are so tight for people already on the edge of poverty, replacing such a vital piece of personal technology can really be a hardship.

Please if this happens to you, don’t freak out and start a federal investigation into a ruined bag of $.99 potato chips.

Source: Consumerist

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