By June 28, 2008

Windows Mobile Total Access

image Windows Mobile Owners Circle was launched in 2007 now it has morphed into "Total Access", It has a new name, a new look, with more exclusive content, offers, and extras. Full features after the break.

More ringtones, extras, and add-ons

When you want to personalize your phone, there are simple things you can do for maximum impact. Total Access helps you make your phone uniquely your own..

How:  Free, exclusive and limited ring tones, themes wallpapers and detailed but instructions on how to find, set and use these assets

Tips, premium help & how-to (for FREE!)

Total Access helps familiarize you with all the things your Windows Mobile phone can do, plus gives you access to premium help and support from user forums and other experts when you have questions.

How: Customized and premium help and how to content from Microsoft and  3rd parties; help forums seeded and moderated by Microsoft MVPs

Software, service & more

Your Windows Mobile phone does a lot—and can be even further enhanced. Total Access offers free games and is your guide to the software and services that help you get even more from your phone.

How: Free, exclusive and limited interactive games, Media Applications (Viigo, Zumboi), Software (e.g.Photo contacts) and access to Microsoft mobile services and offers.

Check out the new site here.

via Mobility Today

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