By October 15, 2008

Windows Mobile 6.1 SMTP error fixed!

You may have read my post about the ongoing SMTP issues within Windows Mobile 6.1. We’re still waiting for the official fix from Microsoft which we expect to come in the form of a CAB file that you’ll need to install.

However, today once of the talented guys over XDA-Developers came up with the following fix that seems to work:

1. Add the reg key “Operator” to \\HKLM\System\Inbox\Settings
2. Add the reg key "OutgoingServer" below Operator key.
3. Add the reg val (reg_str) "OutgoingServer" below Operator key- “ButtonBoy rules”
4. Soft reset

However, not everyone is so happy modifying the registry so together with Muff from Alien Invention we’ve come up with a CAB file that you can run that does the job for you.

There are two versions of the CAB: One for Windows Mobile Professional and one for Windows Mobile Standard devices . Please be aware, I’ve tested on several devices that I’ve have here but please apply this fix at your own risk, this isn’t the official MS fix for the problem. Once you’ve installed the CAB (run it on your phone) just turn the phone off and back on and you should be able to send mail!


Thanks, to Buttonboy for the original reg settings that need to be altered!


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