By January 13, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 coming to HTC HD2

As yet none of the current Windows Phones are going to eligible for an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7 but many of us are hoping that the HTC HD2 will be! With its capacitive touch screen, multitouch support and a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor the HD2 really should be more than capable, in my opinion, of running the new OS but will Microsoft or HTC officially announce it?

HD2 WInM0 7



Well we may be a step closer. As reported last week on MSMobilenews, Microsoft marketing dude Greg Sullivan recently made the following statement:

"Our fragmentation issue is primarily around screen resolutions and assuming a minimum CPU and storage. So it has been a little bit challenging, because that choice, that flexibility, that freedom that people have to build any kind of device and use any kind of device: touch, non-touch, keyboard, soft key, has required a little bit extra effort in some cases for developers to target apps that run across a wide array of devices,” Sullivan said.

But the (HTC) HD2 is a great early example of our new approach.We’ve got capacitive and multi-touch support in a Windows Phone, and that’s because we did the platform work while working very closely with HTC to do the hardware/software integration.”

So how are we having our cake and eating it too? We’re going to continue the horizontal market, but work very closely with our hardware partners to provide more guidance on the platform so we don’t have nine different display sizes that independent software vendors have to target.maybe just two.

We’re going to continue investing in the user experience, and the legacy pocket PC 1999 UI that still kind of shows up if you drill down pretty deep? that’s another thing that’s changed."


With Mobile World Congress taking place next month I am hoping we may get some official announcements regarding Windows Mobile 7 and the good news is that i will be there to cover any breaking stories.


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