By February 4, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 devices not coming until September 2009?

image According to Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet we won’t be seeing any Windows Mobile 6.5 devices until September at the earliest. This would make sense of the Toshiba TG01 being announced with 6.1. If this is more than just another rumour the update must be more than we were expecting or have seen so far, surely it cannot just be a quick makeover and a few extra services thrown in for good measure. According to Mary-Jo, While Windows Mobile officials won’t talk about ship-date targets some folks familiar with Microsoft’s plans are talking. Here’s the latest from her sources:

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 RTM (release to manufacturing): April 2009
  • First Windows Mobile 6.5 devices from cell phone makers: September 2009
  • Windows Mobile 7.0 release to testers: November 2009
  • First Windows Mobile 7.0 devices from cell phone makers: April 2010

So there you go, bet you can’t wait to hear what Microsoft have to say at Mobile World Congress now.

via WMExperts and ZDnet

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