By May 2, 2009

Windows Marketplace for mobile submission requirements revealed

image Microsoft have released a pdf document giving developers a lot of guidelines to enable them to get their application in the forthcoming Marketplace application store. It is a positive measure as at least they will avoid the hit and hope method that iPhone developers have to go through each time they submit an application.

The Windows Marketplace for Mobile presents a very compelling opportunity for developers to monetize applications. The Marketplace delivers an end-to-end solution for end-users to discover, purchase, and download Windows Mobile 6.5 applications. This includes an end-user experience on the device, a PC website, as well as a self-service portal for developers to submit their applications for listing in the Marketplace. Once applications pass the core test criteria, sections 1 through 13, they are designed Compatible with Windows Phones applications. The test criteria also form the basis for application testing standards that applications need to pass in order to be considered for the Marketplace. All Marketplace applications, with the exception of Widgets, that pass the submission process also earn the Compatible with Windows Phone designation. The Marketplace has several additional requirements that applications need to meet.

You can download the document directly from Microsoft here.

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