By May 15, 2008

Win a GSmart PDA phone!

A chance to win one of ten GSmart PDA phones in their new competition starting on the 20th May. Competition details and the press release below:

GSmart, the innovative PDA phone supplier, has extended its lively image and brand color onto the product package, website and also the event held in some countries. The innovative image has inspired some GSmart users to develop two short films for GSmart based on their perceptions of GSmart products. Both short films are showing on the GSmart event website and are presented with creativity and sense of humour, also clearly shows the niche features of GSmart t600.

The film ‘delicious t600’ casted a poodle dog that has addicted to the dog food picture taken by t600, which represented the outperforming VGA screen of t600; the skinny and fragile looking dog surely has catches the viewer’s attention. The second video presented the niche TV function of t600 by comparing the technology in different era and the evolution of technology, a clever way to show the feature of the product and also praising the great innovation of GSmart.

Inspired by these video clips, GSmart decide to hold an event to invite more creative ideas and also wish to learn more about end user’s perception about GSmart product via this event.

Win a GSmart device by showing your creativity: GSmart is holding a creative CF competition from 20th May to 20th June. The online event is to invites global end users to show their creativities by creating a commercial film for GSmart products. GSmart stated that the film does not need to be professionally made, but the contents must convey a positive message about the product, also the originality and creativity are the major judging criteria.

10 GSmart devices are waiting to give away!

GSmart has set up a GSmart group on Youtube where participants can upload their video onto the youtube group and register the participation on GSmart event website from 20th May to 20th June. Top 10 videos will be selected and announced on 30th June, the judgers will evaluate the videos based on 4 criterions – Originality, creativity, popularity and quality, and the winners are able to win a GSmart device!

Although the event starts form 20th May, the event website is ready to preview, the two video clips made by the GSmart fans are also broadcasting on the event website, worth to take a look!

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