By August 10, 2006

Will the SPV M3100 have alignment issues?

If you are looking for the M3100 review it’s HERE

We are seeing lots of reports from people that have purchased the HTC TyTN (HTC Hermes) having all sorts of problems with touchscreen alignment.


We know this isn’t a new issue as such, several other models of HTC devices have suffered from this issue. My own HTC Wizard device suffers from this and Tracy’s Prophet has had it a few times.

It has been suggested that only early batches of the TyTN are affected by the problem. We now know that the problem is caused, not by software but by a hardware problem. It would seem that the “rubber gasket” on the right side between the frame and touch screen is a little bit thicker and creates extra pressure on the screen which makes the touch screen read incorrectly.

We are all hoping that the SPV M3100, once released by Orange, will not be affected by this problem. The case design of the Orange M3100 is slightly different to that of the HTC TyTN so its possible that the gasket will not be the same anyway.

There have been rumours circulating the web and various chat rooms that the reason that SPV M3100 has not yet been released by Orange is that they wish to carry out additional product testing where the screen is concerned and this is what led to the delay in the launch of the Dutch M3100. I don’t think we’ll ever find out if this is true though!


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